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    Hi gals

    Appreciate some kind soul can help me out.

    I am looking for some dresses at ebay but I am not sure of their sizing. I am confused by the size type, what is the difference between juniors, misses? The only thing I know is that petites size is not for me

    And how does the sizing goes about for dresses in Australia? I saw some dresss from ebay, australia, which are real cheap.


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    Don't bother with the junior/misses etc. Petite sizes generally means that it caters to the shorter people, doesn't mean that it's only for the skinny. For example for a pair of pants, the only difference between a size 8 and size 8P will be the length.

    Australian sizing is generally the same as UK sizing. Starts from size 6 upwards. However there are some Australian brands eg. Zimmermman, Wayne Cooper, Morrissey, Third Millenium etc. that use a different system. Their sizes go from 0-4. In this case 0 = AU/UK6, 1 = AU/UK8, 2 =AU/UK10 and so on.

    US sizes go from 0, 2, 4, 6 upwards. As a rouge gauge, US4 = AU/UK8, US6 = AU/UK10 and so on.

    Different brands will have slightly different sizing though (some can be cut big and come cut small) so the best would be to go by measurements. Whenever you are unsure of the sizing, get measurements from the seller and check.


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      Hey babyflite

      Many thanks for your explaination