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Shoes to match a mini skirt

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  • Shoes to match a mini skirt

    hi all
    i am seldom a skirt person, so i will like to know what type of shoes will match a mini demin skirt or those flounce type of skirts.

    i am not tall..will flats/sandals make me look stumpy?

    or should i go for something with a little bit of height eg. a pointy heels?

    pointed shoes/ pumps are unsuitable for me as i have broad feet.

    pls recommend where to get them as well..budget ones!
    thanks alot!!

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    The type of shoes I wear with my mini denim skirts (what are flounce skirts?) usually depends on what I have on top. If the top is dressy, I wear my heels. If it's casual, I wear sneakers. I am not one into those flat slippers look (too casual, plus if I have to walk on wet ground, then... feet will be wet...and gross)


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      Not neccesarily a pair of heels. Depend on what top you wear too.

      For denim, you can create a sporty look, with collar-T and a pair of sneaker.

      You can also pair it up with a pair of covered flat.

      x:odus and gripz got very nice covered flat.


      • #4 top is usually semi formal causal..sorry i do not know how to describe..sometimes a tee, spagetti, off shoulder or lace camisole, racer back.. it varies...

        i cant wear covered flats cause it hurts my feet alot...
        any versatile ones? i can only afford to buy that one pair..

        i think one with a bit of height is safer for me? like a low wedge?


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          how about low, open-toed heels? you could get them in nude-beige, or bronze, or gold, if you don't wanna look too dressy. or kitten heels are always pretty too! if you'd like a change, maybe ballet flats? low wedges sound cute too. go wild!


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            i say go with a little bit of heels, like kitten heels or wedge, to elongate your legs. U'll look sexier


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              yes ok i think i shall try low open toe heels or wedges..safer with them than with sandals

              at least i can match with most outfits...
              if i wear a lace camisole and a pair of sandals i think i will look weird..

              shall try charles & keith, dmk..(budget!)..

              meanwhile keep your suggestions coming..thanks!


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                wear heels!! the higher the better


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                  thanks but i think i have problem walking with extremely high heels and pointy ones. my feet ache!
                  hehe though i think it looks really nice


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                    Go for a pair of kitten heels, add a little height but yet is low enough to be comfortable. Peep toes will be really cute.


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                      Originally posted by Dewy
                      thanks but i think i have problem walking with extremely high heels and pointy ones. my feet ache!
                      hehe though i think it looks really nice
                      sometimes girls suffer for the sake of beauty...


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                        true!!my SO always say that too!!


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                          how about wedges??adds height but still stable


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                            kitten heels


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                              oh dear...i'm starting to look for many options

                              i'm kind of attracted to the white ones...
                              BCBGirls ?Crucial? Open-Toe Platform Pump
                              Creamy soft kidskin upper. Padded sock liner. 3" heel. By BCBGirls
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