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  • Reviews for your online loots (NO SELF ADVERTISING & NO SELLING)

    HerVelvetVase - Romantic laced bustier in English rose

    Got this dress from hehehaha97 after seeing her lovely review on it It's really love at first sight for this dress It has inner lining and the dress is thick Comes with a back zip, no padding nor boning. It's not as low cut as i initially thought it'll be so that's great The lace overlay is really lovely against the pink colour dress One sad thing is the dress is too big for me Gotta go alter it soon, can't wait to wear it out

    (uk6, 160cm)

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    sugar.skies - nice wedges! they look kinda.. sparkly!

    fiorella.rain - you look really sweet in the dress babe! but yes it's slightly loose for you >.< hope you get to wear it out soon :D


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      infiniteloots hah I don't. think it's possible! right after you said that, you're looking at a maxi! Hahaha!! but i agree that the design is nice. but that's the shortest it can be as shown on the model don't think it will look nice if it's any shorter.

      hmm. I don't know why everyone's unhappy w the ptp of the cwc frilled bib n chiffon ruffled tops. I bought the last collection's frilled bib and it's too big for me! had to sell them all off. my chiffon cascading tops too:'( wld love to get my hands on the frilled bib in indigo or red though!


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        polkadottie - HAHAHA that's true LOL. but i've actually been eyeing that maxi for quite some time lols! must resist.. i think! :p


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          polkadottie hmm the last collection frilled bib top ptpt bigger than the indigo/red/candy pink batch?

          fiorella.rain wow u have simply so many clothes my gosh, your warerobe not bursting o.0 can fight with infiniteloots haha. the prints on the dress is really nice!! how much is alteration btw?

          sugar.skies yeah this colour is less popular on LB's site but the true colour looks different! it doesnt look grey.. unique colour.

          infiniteloots haha better resist. plus u wont be wearing it often, better not buy. save money :X

          die la, this thread really makes me wanna buy more stuffs LOL!
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            Fiorella, you look so pretty in this bustier english dress. The color looks very good on you too. But its a pity that you have to bring it for alteration, maybe about 2 inches off by the sides.


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              infiniteloots - thanks babe! :D hehe i hope too!

              happinessforever - l0l burst already =x am keeping them in those big containers under the bed now =S gonna relax on my spending now if not no more space to keep >.< hehe they aren't really prints, it's actually 2 pieces (top is a thin layer of white lace, bottom is a piece of pink cloth) sewn together at some parts Hmm i'm planning to bring it to a tailor near my office at oub centre later during lunch hours, not sure of the price yet but i think it'll most probably be in the range of $13-18 for the alteration of this dress. I went to that tailor last month to alter the PTP of LB's interlace dove toga for abt $16 and shorten another dress length with inner lining for about $13-14. Price is rather steep cos it's at town and besides providing alteration services, that tailor do tailoring for office wears too so i thought the dresses should be in good hands ><

              hmm anyone know of any other tailors that provides good service and cheap price?

              kaoriko - thanks dear for your kind words, yeah but the dress is too lovely to let go >.<


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                Emmy ~ blue is your color babe, very pretty on you!

                yina ~ I've the same cheongsam in dark pink but your blue looks much nicer! & yes the ptp for this is big although I wore it out without altering, dress kind of expanded slightly when worn probably coz material is slightly stretchy.

                infiniteloots ~ get only if you really like it babe, don't buy & keep like me. >.<

                sugar.skies ~ nice wedges & I saw someone opening the grey pair up during warehouse collection & they look good irl.

                fiorella.rain ~ HVV dress suits you very much!!! A pity it's too loose but will be worth sending for alteration. :-)


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                  fiorella.rain cant really see it's lace lol. must be careful den.. the prices of alteration is really steep.. yeah i used to go to oub centre everyday to buy the famous bread lol during lunchtime.. i worked at uob plaza 2 last year june to nov.. my mum now goes oub centre to buy korea apparels from there :/ i saw some tailoring services there.. try chinatown or the old market road (no idea is it that, the one that is like the wholesales for those ikan billis, mushrooms etc, i know got tailoring services there which are cheap)

                  LOL i was wondering why the posts all gone previously, i thought i posted wrong thread.. is this a second thread den? o.0 the previous thread is closed already.
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                    My reviews for KY Valentine's Blossom Gathered Frocks (Lavender + Pink/M):

                    When I first opened the package, I was pleased with the colors ~ both are very sweet & true to their names 'dusty pink' & 'dreamy lavender'. Next I realized the chiffon used this time is quite different, it's more 'textured looking' and not the usual smooth chiffon I was expecting so I thought it'll be sheer but when I opened up @ nite to try on it feels smooth to the touch and not as thin as I'd thought. Comes with satin lining which gives off slight sheen from within and I love the ruffles neckline, gathers on top part of dress & soft boning. Dress is really very pretty & I really dig the design, will be perfect if the chiffon is the smooth type imo!


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                      fiorella.rain very lingerie inspired... sexy!! to you for daring to wear it out... i wonldnt dare!!


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                        melody80, you just made me want to get the piece in lavendar!


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                          fiorella.rain - ooh i love the hvv dress! is it loose only on the ptp? how about the waist and hips?

                          melody80 - realise you like to buy same dresses in different colors! both look very pretty...


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                            For KY Valentine's Blossom Gathered Frocks, how's the bust area? Feel like joining BO but worrying about the sizing..


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                              sugaricing83 ~ both pink & lavender are nice irl, tho I think from pics lavender pics look more outstanding.

                              dodger ~ yah I also realized my bad habit!

                              babyprincess ~ kristine is uk6 & she wears S, I'm UK8 for top & UK10 for bottom so I take M & dress has allowance still so should fit up to UK10. HTHs!
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