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  • Anybody know where can i get this top? Any blogshop selling? TIA


      saw someone selling on tempomart. how will the fit for big uk 8? :-)



      • Looking for Love Bonito's Oasis Pleated Maxi in Burnt Orange BNIB. Email me at [email protected].


        • Originally posted by illusionic View Post
          loielove oops i haven't actually wore it out yet, i was just trying it out with my outfit hahaha. but in any case it seems a little lighter than my suede wedges but other than that to me, everything else is the same. it's super comfy for me, height level and everything. for the suede wedges i'm able to wear it for about 4 hours shopping without needing to find a seat (: and i alwaays need to find a seat when i'm in heels cos my back and feet will ache HAHA

          jewelbrights2 hello! i'm a uk 6/8. fits me perfectly, not too baggy and not too tight (: IMO, the colour is pretty much nude i guess? sand can also describe it haha, it's a little darker than my pictures above. quite true to the picture which sarah's wearing it on the blog. (: i hope my advice helped!!

          Thank you illusionic !


          • i got the striped top from a korean spree long ago


            • hey babe! you selling the cwc maxi dress?
              i am very interested! is it still available?

              sorry i cant seem to find the pm button! email me? [email protected]

              thanks (:


              • hello! anybody letting go of slot for TVD black shrug?
                i didn't get invoiced and my sister likes it a lot


                • repeated, sorry


                  • Not sure if anyone still visit this thread often coz it seems so quiet over here now...

                    Anyway, sharing some reviews of loots I've received recently, tho with poorer quality as these were taken from my phone & not digicam:

                    SMooch Tiered Shift Dress in Pink/M:

                    This piece is really awesome as the quality of this dress is superb! Very smooth & comfy to wear as lining is slightly stretchy so you still feel breathable in it despite the more fitted look. I like the fitted cut as it gives a slimming effect when worn & does not show my heavy bottom except for my legs which I'll have to camouflage with black stockings. The pink is also very pretty, it carries a tinge of peachy pink which is very pretty irl; much nicer than the color I captured in pic.

                    MGG Chiffon Top in Jade

                    Color is more true to my pic than MGG launch pics so the jade is darker irl but nonetheless still a nice shade imo. Eventho the top is flare towards the bottom, I'm the glad there isn't too obvious gaping hole @ the pits so the top can be worn without belted up if you pair with a more fitted bottom. Helps to hide tummy on fat days too! Wore this combi out (with black military shorts from MGG too) on Sun coz I felt bloated. Good casual top to have!

                    CWC Dotted Swing Skirt in Iceberg

                    I almost didn't get this piece but luckily there was a deadbuyer so I got the slot! Love polkadots + this color looks very soothing so I really like it! Comes with elastic waistband but the bunching isn't too bad so it's not too poufy. & as previous reviewers stated, the inner lining is much shorter but luckily it ended past my butt & since the skirt isn't too sheer it's not too obvious unless under very strong sunlight. Comes with 2 belt loops @ the side & I paired with my own mustard weaved belt.

                    TTR Morning Breeze Chiffon Shrug in Burnt Orange

                    Received this from the postman yesterday & I wore it for my evening class immediately! heh A very versatile piece which comes with a small clasp in the middle for a more covered up look. Doubled lined chiffon which helps to keep warm but good for the warm weather as well! Super love this piece as it can be matched with various outfits & I'm gonna try matching with a fitted maxi dress next time! ^^
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                    • Quite a couple of reviews for pieces at KJ and 1 from Dressabelle flashsale that I bought last week.

                      Popped by KJ today and saw new skirt from Megagamie. Zara-inspired this time round too. Pretty poppy colours! Made of spongy material which i dunno what is it. very stretchy.

                      MGG Paperbag Pants in Navy (S)
                      Couldnt find Size M and tried S instead and I was pleasantly surprised that I could fit in S but snugly! Love the cutting of the pants. comparable to KY's paperbag pants in persimmon which i bought previously. COmes in 4 colours. Mustard, Navy(as seen), burnt orange shade and one more i forgot.

                      KY Pleated High-waisted Paperbag Shorts in Magneta (M)

                      Tried Size M but i dunno why the colour couldnt be captured properly on my camera. the true colour of magneta is as seen on KY's page. The material is on a thin side and not lined. The fit is pretty but i think i will give it a miss cos I've too many highwaisted shorts.

                      Review on Dressabelle Cascading Cape Tunic in Pink
                      Very value for money for $12 mailed. But i wont buy it at original price.
                      Its made of knit cotton material. very lightweighted which is suitable for hot weather like now.

                      Have been looking for a cape top design and i'm glad i came across this at flashsales! I realised I've been buying too much tops & bottoms but not dresses. Looks like i need to change my shopping habit & start buying dresses now.

                      Prefer to clinch at belt so the cape will be secured and will make me look less fat. hehe...


                      • Love Bonito's Avery Crop Blazer in Black (S)

                        Hello girls!

                        Been turning into a silent reader, since work's been really tiring and i can't reply on my cranky old blackberry; but here's a OTD review to share! :D

                        Love Bonito's Avery Crop Blazer in Black! (:

                        Bought this after seeing how gorgeous and chic a fellow reviewer wanxia looked, even though this was pretty similar to one of the blazer i've got in my wardrobe already; just because i couldn't resist the temptation. hahaha :O

                        & i guess this aint faring too badly! (even though i kinda regretted initially getting this upon receiving the blazer due to the rather thin material used and hence left it in my wardrobe to hang dry for quite some time lol hahaha)

                        Took this out after having a mini-wardrobe crisis today, and i was kinda surprised at how good this fits! (well, somewhat) haha so here's the review for it!

                        It's a little tight at the sleeves, so it may be a little hard to fold up the sleeves; but other than that, i guess i can't really complain! It's so much better as compared to the other cropped blazer i've got online! I foresee wearing this rather often now!:D

                        Verdict: Get it if you're in lack of such pieces, and that you have additional moolah to spend! Quality's so so, but i guess it's the look that sells it all! (:

                        I'll rate it with 3hearts!(:


                        • Sharing my reviews amidst the LB COVET launch craze is going on, hopefully not gonna spoil the momentum.

                          HWC The Good Girl Work Dress (S)

                          I like white dresses and the white with striped belt gives a nautical feel which caught my attention. Material is good, thick & even lining is thick (refer to last pic) so it's not really sheer altho I think nude undies are still preferred in case of strong lighting. Comes with functional buttons in front & a side zipper for ease of wearing. I like the more fitted top with flared skirting design as they hide my heavy bottom better. The chiffon flaps on the shoulders don't look as nice on my fat arms & I think they can be removed if I really want to, but I guess I won't. :-)

                          MGG Pleated Chiffon Tank in Jade

                          The previous OTD review I posted didn't do justice to this pretty top so I took some more pics last nite. LOL I super like this top coz it's so casual & easy to put on when you don't know what top to wear, but must be with a fitted bottom if worn w/o belted up. Comes with adjustable straps which is good for adjusting to a better fit & I like that it is not too poufy overall but only flared out @ the bottom so it doesn't make me look fat if I don't tie @ the waist.

                          MGG Skater Dress in Black/M

                          As mine is in black, the details of the dress can't be shown clearly but it's made of really stretchy material and has bit of ruffles @ the hem for a more flirty look. I like this dress very much coz I think it makes me look slimmer! ****** coz it's in black & also because the material is fitting yet not too clingy. Length wise it's a little short as compared to my usual ideal length so I'll definitely wear over stocking.

                          Very pleased with above 3 items!!! ^^


                          • [url]

                            I am looking for this similar design of chiffon top but in white/ivory.
                            Anybody chanced upon any blogshop selling? Tks
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                            • pls help!


                              would like to ask how do you girls sell ur clothes when you realise it doesnt fit you?

                              I try cotter mall and flowerpod, but I am not authorised to post new threads! :/ ahh!

                              Love online shopping for the variety and price but somehow many items just dont fit me

                              thanks lots!!!


                              • Hi,

                                anyone received their "Claudia Crochet flats" from LB already? I have received the email of "delivered" since last thursday afternoon, via normal mail, I have not receive, I'm not sure if it is a lost mail! anyone?