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    Well, if all of you really like French Sole. I can bring them to Singapore. thinking of location now, Novena Square, FEP, Wisma., Centerpoint, PS, I am talking to Wisma though.

    anyway, stocking cost is very high because the costs of the ballet pumps are high in nature, so naturally we think that we do not want high rental costs to be factored into the pricing but the List prices still stay due to the STG lead time is a staggering 10-12 weeks but I am trying to see if I can get enough stocks to bring them on the shelves and hurry for Christmas and CNY.

    hmmm maybe we can give some discounts to Cotters, well still tinking about it, updates will follow.

    P.S. Moderators/Administrators, this thread is not meant to advertise, just sharing some info only.

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    French Sole is expensive.... right?

    Are they sold in Tangs' Shoe Studio (level 1) or Tang & Co.? saw similar ones there on & off, price abo same too. But i can't recall the brand.


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      I am not sure whether Tangs are selling them. I think that it might be a different brand because French Sole has not sold to anyone in Singapore before and they are even very particular about sending out catalogs now due to rampant copyright problems. Anyway, I will check out Tangs and find out.

      The typical costs is about STG45 to 65. The celebrities who wore them are Claudia Schiffer, Julia Roberts, Elle Mcpherson, Nicole Kidman and Calista Flockhart, the list goes on.

      I think for me once I confirm on shop location, I will fly to UK and pick the designs, immediate designs on my mind is 50. Most of the nice designs are in the STG55 to 65 range, costs are not cheap. Actually, the reason why they are expensive to us is because of the STG to people in the UK. They are nothing expensive.

      By opening a French Sole shop here you can try on the designs and feel the comfort without flying all the way to UK and the problem of mail ordering the wrong size.


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        bojyeo, here's some previous discussion re: French Sole.
        Other FS talk
        not that many people here know about FS actually, mostly thru those who own FS shoes themselves (at this moment, i believe it's only me and michannat) or seen the webby/shop.
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          Hi, is there a webby to French soles?


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            French Sole
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              thanks vixette!

              hmm...looks like they are all flat pumps! Though different designes, they still look all the same to me.
              too bad I cant take pumps...I need shoes with abit of height or I'll look stumpy.
              Anyway, these kind of shoes are all over singapore now...


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                Hi Vix,

                I am not sure whether I did the intro last time.......hmmm.......maybe not........

                Anyway.......went to see some property agents today and viewed about 10 shops at FEP........the rents are "interesting" of the shops that caught my eye at my budget is exactly next to Trendy Zone.........and near *** very bright shoe shop called something like "nuna......" ....I am not sure........anyway.......what a competition it will be if I place the shop there........the rest of the so called "prime shops" cost S$10k at least for such a small shop........even Suntec is cheaper.......

                I am still thinking whether the corner shops like #02-60 is okay........abit out of the crowded zone.........but I think French Sole will sell because of the quality...........

                Vix.......can you tell me honestly what you **** of this brand since you own a pair?.......maybe Mich might wan to input as thinking of spending at least 5 digits on mag adverts and and POS system costs another 5 digits........


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                  the flats are so gorgeous! do they fit really well?

                  these are tres chic

                  <img src="">

                  <img src="">

                  <img src="">

                  <img src="">


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                    firstly, could i ask you to stop using to many '....' in your sentences? makes it v hard to read, and old aunty me has trouble reading.

                    my views:

                    FS is v much an 'uppity' brand of shoes, having the shop right next to cheapo made in HK/China shoes will not draw the right crowd.

                    the cost will probably put off a lot of that crowd - mostly teenagers/early20s who don't have the spending power in the first place.

                    i reckon you need somewhere more upmarket.


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                      i've been eyeing the black and white version since the first time i saw it almost a year ago.
                      it's so classic and timeless and goes with everything!

                      the last pair is v pretty too. mich might have something similar, not sure if she still does.


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                        Oh indeed the black one with white piping is so gorgeous, Vix! Gimme timeless and classic anytime

                        Lots more homework before you go in, Bojyeo. Is a POS really necessary? I'm no entrepreneur.. I thought a decent cash machine should do! Ha ha!

                        I don't think you introduced yourself the last time you advertised here on CC


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                          FOS is still not necessary at the begining of business. I suggest the simple cash machine will do. I love those ballet shoes and they all look so pretty.


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                            Yupp, the shoes are really pretty!
                            But marketing must be done really well to draw the right crowd, imitations of shoes like these are all over the place right now but to differentiate yourself from the rest you must seem a little exclusive, including branding and location as such.

                            On another note, I do hope you bring it in! Cos although shoes like that can be found everywhere, quality is one thing and another, I can hardly find any for my huge feet!


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                              ohhhh...pretty shoes! I WANT!!!