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  • Bags - Fur, Woven, Tweed

    Need advice.......

    Saw these at Ricks Bags. I have never got any bags from them.
    (almost at times but never). Mostly imported from HK & China.

    Any bad experiences w/ furry bags to share? Not the small ones, about 30cm x 20cm (short straps to lug over shoulder). Will body sweat spoilt the fur?

    Auntie to carry a Bogetta-inspired woven bag in bronze colour?

    Pink tweed tote to sweet too handle?? :puke:

    Please share.

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    The only gripe I have about fur or wooly bags is that it's too darned hot to carry them here!

    A pity because the Chanel rabbit fur bag is gorgeously soft! Can die...

    I admit I often tell myself I'm too old to wear or carry something too "young"...but heck it! Better now than when I'm 40! Go for it!

    Woven bag doesn't sound too auntie..unless you walk around with frizzy hair, specs falling off oily nose, no makeup and loose tshirt and bermudas :roll:


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      I agree with Sharon about fur/woolen bags. While they're cute, they look quite out of place when you carry them in Singapore. Much more suitable for cooler climates. Go the tweed bag instead.


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        All in my mind is grease, sweat, grime on the fur..... den bag gone case. YUCKS!! :puke:

        went inspira handbag show earlier, only fur & tweed..... but not really ideal. Ok, shortlist to tweed, hope my fade can last me till CNY.

        Woven bags bit out now anyway.
        Any good tweed bag to lem me, pls do so. TIA!


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          IF you're into fur/wool bags i think it's better to keep them small and cute. Bigger bags will look to 'wintery' and odd in Singapore.
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            Sure, so the Style freebie is good enough for the few occasions that i need to use.

            This year, the fur bags are huge..... !! so as big a cushion covers..
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              I would only buy furry bags as a cheap thrill. They tend to shed, and eventually go, er, bald in places due to friction. I got a $50 cutie from Sugarhouse at FEP.


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                balding bags... so funny. Yes, u r right. Experience counts.

                Which is Sugarhouse near? TIA!


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                  IIRC, it's almost directly above Gripz, Sunny Ang, etc. They've got these LV pleated-satin court shoes knock-offs too.


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                    tweed is definately a more popular choice since it's appropriate for most seasons. but i'll definately buy a few of the fur bags for the jolly season! maybe a bag from Samantha Thavasa


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                      The Handbag Show is a disappointment for tweed & fur for now. :roll:

                      Chanel new tweed is nice but too taitai for me


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                        Furry bags are the bags that you can use ocassionally because if you will use the furry bagsin daily use then fur got spoiled. So my opinion is that if you want you use the bag in daily use then you can have any other designer handbag rather than any furry bag