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    There's a new fashion retailer called WH at Great World City level 1. Has anyone checked it out yet? In my rush, I only managed to have a brisk walk through the store and many pieces of clothings have already catch my eyes. They carry some of the nicest casual wears like tube tops and mini skirts! Will shop there proper when I have the time

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    gosh, that sounds interesting! is it a department store?


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      it took over OG's unit??
      i got a glimpse of their loud loud sign when i drove 2 weekends ago. heee.... thought it was some book retailer but later my hubby told me its some fashion outlet... so any comments/reviews for their stuff. Price range?? :note:

      Any accessories?


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        so what does WH means?


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          Not sure what WH stands for, but the tagline is "where everyone is beautiful" IIRC.

          It's not a departmental store but a fashion outlet that sells casual wear and accessories. Pricing is average....I saw a very pretty spaghetti-strapped top at $29. Their tube tops are under $20, i think.

          My friends commented that the stuffs remind them of Cotton-On in Australia.


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            WH means "Whole Family" from what I can tell from their sign. They sell children's, women's (including plus sizes) and men's clothing.

            To me is looks like a copy of Old Navy in the US. Even the slogan of "For the whole family" down to the store displays. I think the quality and style is compareable also.

            If you like Abercrombie and Fitch's style, they are similar. Quality not nearly as good, but, definitely more affordable.

            I had to spend a long time in there while my 15 yr old daughter browsed and tried stuff on! Ugh! My baby daughter liked the music and I let her cruise around while we waited.


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              sounds good! may drop by this weekend!


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                This place is almost exactly like the Old Navy store in the US. Everything is copied. The , clothes, designs, layout, selection, displays, everything. They even have a loungewear section where they sell 3/4 & pajama pants. So similar to Old Navy but of a lesser quality.

                Compared to A&F, this store far less superior.

                I wonder if WH is a local company. And what a bad name for a store. WH????


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                  but the store sounds interesting....


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                    hmm..where exactly is it in great world?
                    shall go down to take a look once i'm well


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                      It's on the Kim Seng entrance side close to Zara


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                        thank you!


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                          i especially made a trip down to Wh today!

                          the store is really huge. my boy and i went the store signs look really OldNavy. for women it carries both casual and workwear clothings, plus sizes + loungewear.

                          they have alot of polo tees in different styles, shorts and there's a jeans section. i saw this pair of faded jeans that's really nice at $59. but jeans aren't on my list so i didn't get it.

                          lots of floral camisoles but they are very low-cut and short in length. the checkered and striped loungewear pants are VERY ON.

                          guy's section is as extensive (tees, long & short-slv shirts, berms, belts, boxers) , my guy got a white shoirt-sleeved shirt for $39. but my guy also mentioned that the cutting is abit funny; the tee he tried on feels tight around the arms (where the sleeves end), though length and width wise was fine.

                          i was hoping to see more tees and a larger selection of minis but was disappointed.


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                            so hows the pricing like at WH? is there a wide range of tees & minis?


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                              bumped into davis (momopeach) during lunch today at great world city this afternoon. she's waiting for jemay to check out WH together maybe they'll report their findings later.

                              WH has been around since 1-2 weeks ago iirc. it took over part of former OG, right next to women's secret lingerie shop on level 1.

                              imo, i didn't really find their stuff that appealing (maybe it's just me). quality is quite "blah" to me. went in once to take a look, didn't find anything of interest - but it's a huge colourful shop indeed. price-wise, should be affordable to most, a stark contrast to ZARA that's just 2 shops away.

                              if my guess is right, WH should be a malaysian company (reminds me a little of Tom & Steffanie too). i flipped over the clothes tag on one of the blouses, they're made in malaysia.

                              just my 2 cents worth
                              - crazygirl