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    Promise Ring Wearing Recommendations

    Pre-engagement Promise Rings : left or right ring finger. Traditionally, such a ring would be worn on the left hand. However, some wearers feel that there is less likelihood of confusing the ring with an engagement ring if it is worn on the right hand and therefore, left-hand wearing is gaining acceptance.

    more at :

    Im looking for rings like that to give to a special friend. Do you think we should get identical rings? I was thinking of a silver band with engravings. something like this...

    But im not sure where to get something like that. I dont really go to jewellery shops. Please help. Thanks.
    Oh let me know the price of the ring and engraving.
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    hi, i've a friend who's a jewellery wholesaler and has a factory, he can practically customise anything for you or replicate anything you see on a magazine.

    my hubby got my proposal ring and our wedding bands made by him. in addition to the freedom on the design you'd like, its also cheaper than what's in the retail shops. no worries on the quality, its tops cos they do business with Indonesian tai tais.

    the only catch is that the factory is inconveniently located in alexandra.

    if you'd like to check him out, pm me.


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      Those 925 silver jewellery shop (i.e.: Basement 1 of Plaza Sing & Level 1 on Bugis) they offer engraving on ring too. Don't know whether is the infomation relevant to you?

      For me - Wedding band must wear on our left hand. As a form of recognition that you're married. And for engagement ring - it's up to you which finger you want to wear

      * Hope it helps


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        Do you know the prices of the rings and how much does engraving usually cost?


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          1 ring will be less than S$40 (I think), it's not that expensive though. And can reqest for free engraving


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            Oh my budget is less than $25. I'm only a student so I cant afford to pay a lot.


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              I think you can still find ring within that price at the 2 shops I mention earlier. Cos if you're buying a pair, can ask for discount Even though they're in shopping centre.


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                Try Perlini (?sp) Silver. As for engraving service, try Far East Plaza. I cannot remember the exact shop, but it is somewhere on the right side of the building (when you face it), about level 3 or so. Just ask around. It is an Indian man who is doing the engraving, I remember it was not expensive.

                As for which finger to wear it, I wore my promise ring on my right ring finger for 4 years before switching to wear my proposal ring on my left ring finger for another year before my ROM From then on, it is only my wedding band


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                  does anyone know how much is cheap silver ring from perlini silver?


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                    i remember that there's a silver shop at FEP level one..the rings are only $10 each and comes with free engraving but you have to walk to a shop at wisma for the free engraving..but i am not sure whether it is still there..cause now me and SO buy from couple lab..but it will be more can go take a look at the FEP shop..