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    hey girlies, check out this site!

    You are the Designer! Choose from thousands of authentic Disney images, including favorites such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Cinderella, Ariel, Nemo, Simba, Stitch, Sulley, Buzz Lightyear, and Koda. Design your unique Disney shirt: select an image, shirt style and color; size the image; place it on the front or the back; add your name, team number, or memorable phrase. The collection includes many classic and hard-to-find images as well as artwork you have never seen before.

    chanced upon this website when i was looking for Minnie Mouse tee.

    you can create your own tee by selecting your preferred design and choose your tee style. the best thing is, they provide free shipping of ANY order, and discounts up to 36% off!

    this is the discount chart:
    The more shirts you buy, the more you save! You don't even have to buy the same shirt to receive a big discount on your order:
    2 - 11 ----------- 5% off
    12 - 49 ---------- 10% off
    50 - 99 ---------- 17% off
    100 - 249 ------- 29% off
    250+ ------------- 36% off

    i don't think they ship international, but we can use vPOST?

    lemming for the minnie & bambi tees!

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    it's an interesting site indeed. But can't seem to find the size chart. Basic T-shirt is US$19.90.


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      yea they don't have a size chart. could email them for it?


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        sounds good! will join if there is a spree


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          btw, they do ship international, click here for more info on shipping rates.


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            oh thanks CaramelGirl! didn't manage to find that.
            USD8.99 per shipment?

            these are my custom tees!


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                i'm a little confused with their shipping rates... quoted...

                Airmail (7-14 days)
                All shirt products => US$8.99 per shipment, US$4.99 per item

                So, how do they charge? by per shipment or by per item??


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                  ohhhh...cute website!I am so eyeing the bambi designs


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                    i've emailed them regarding the sizes and shipping, hopefully they reply soon.


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                      Wow it looks really nice. Count me in if there is a spree.


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                        the tees are really cute! spree anyone?


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                          how is the quality of the Tees?


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                            the support team has replied me! but she only provided the sizings for the Basic Tees (in inches):

                            updated with Ladies sizing:

                            and the answer to the shipping:

                            Our pricing has both a "per shipment" and "per item" charge. You must add the price of each item to the "per shipment" charge, as this is based on weight estimates.
                            ...We do have a separate per shipment and per item charge. This is because our shipping carrier bases our rates on weight, and each additional item raises the rates appropriately.


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                              Has anyone bought any tank tops from this website? May i know how's the quality and the sizes like? think they r fabulous but i m hesitant in spending so much on tank tops and tees especially when i m not sure of the quality n whether i can fit into them..