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    There was an episode on channel 8 that shows traditional nonya clothing. i've been wanting to get one. anyone knows where the shop is? the owner is called wei hun and her work craft is really intricate!

    if not, where else can i get nice nonya clothing that isnt too expensive? Malacca? JB?

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    I happened to watch that episode too... her shop is at chinatown, the building where there is a big hawker centre on the 2nd level (next to this departmental store called CK) ... dunno the exact location of the shop though... hope this helps.


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      There was already a discussion sometime back regarding Peranakan Heritage but it's more to do with beaded shoes. Do have a look.


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        my great grandma was a nonya. my grandaunt also inherited that but funny no one else did.

        its such a rich culture.

        thanks fatfish for the location. will go hunting if i have the time. Possibly during chinese new year ya? hehe...

        thanks teiko for the link. am more interested in the clothing. took a look..indeed most on shoes. my 2 cents on their shoes...Malacca has great quality and cheaper too. go there if ya interested in peranakan shoes.


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          if you want to get real and affordable peranakan stuff, try malacca. my mum bought her beaded shoes for almost half the price in sg. its really handmade and you can see them sewing the blouse on the spot or making the shoes on the spot. try malacca jonker street or jonker walk.
          for local kebayas, do look out for the machine made ones. its cheap but the quality isnt very good. theres a shop in arab street that sells these peranakan stuffs too.


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            you can get some more-mainstream nonya stuff at the Eclectic Attic, they used to have a branch at Orchard Point, but i'm not sure if it's still there. Or try flea markets-my mom managed to score some of them adorable silver antique belts for less than 10 a piece once, or raid your aunt's or grandma's closets!

            a little OT but: my grandma left me quite a few of the embroidered sheer shirts and shoes and pins-what do you guys wear yours' with? the only peranakan thing i wear on a regular basis is the silver belt-and i wear that with jeans!


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              pixie you lucky lucky gal!

              wear the kebaya tops over a plain cami with skirts or jeans.

              shoes, wear with ANYTHING!! :D

              i wore the silver belt once with a plain black tube dress for accent.

              erm...erm....there's probably more ways to wear the stuff but i can't think of any right now!


              there's a shop in Esplanade that does v fancy sarong kebayas too. but it's quite expensive. made more for wedding wear i think. but the embroidery is so intricate and gorgeous! go looksee!


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                thanks for the suggestions, vixette!! the belts are pretty versatile, imo. I wear one of the cheaper ones with jeans and cami-s, and tees a lot-i wouldn't dare wear the really delicate ones out so often. I'd be really freaked that I'd break it or it'd get snagged on something!


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                  the nicer, more delicate ones, wear as a coverup for (formal) dinners?
                  a v pleasant change from the usual shawls


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                    Know any place that makes the tops that don't cost me an arm and a foot??

                    I think I remember watching a show that showcase a lady tailor taking over a tailor/seamstress shop from her mom some time back and she does the peranakan tops too. I think the place should be in Chinatown??


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                      teiko it should be the one i'm asking for too. read post 2..fatfish replied with the location.


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                        Have you had time to go down??


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                          nope will prob go durin CNY


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                            If you are not in a hurry then after CNY will be a good idea cos orders will start, for tailors, probably from now to CNY.


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                              yes i'm not in a hurry. no weddings or whatsoever. i'll prob just research her quality and check out prices b4 i commit.