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ankle-length black skirt

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  • ankle-length black skirt

    anyone knows where I can look for ankle-length black skirts?
    the more conservative the better.

    any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    GG5 or ness... They have nice knee length skirts there....


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      G2000, Zara, Mango, U2, The Station etc.

      Not difficult to find black knee length skirt, but find one with great cutting and fit u will require some luck.


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        ankle - length, longer than knee-length

        thank you jesgal24 and CaramelGirl for your replies,
        but I am looking for longer than knee-length, the kind that covers almost all the way down to the ankles, almost reaching the shoes.

        are they readily found in the above mentioned stores?

        thanks in advance


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          the only place i can think of for ankle length skirt is OG or Chinatown, People's park complex.

          but it's the grandmotherly type that i'm thinking of.....

          don't know any fashionable shops that do ankle length skirts.


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            Just wondering, how does one make long, and conservative black skirts fashionable?


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              i have an ankle length brown skirt to let go if you are keen.
              Size L, with lycra mixed material hence it is slightly stretchable...
              it gives me a 'mermaid' feel and I like it much, but I've got not much occassion to wear it. if you're keen, do pm me...

              btw, for low end ones, u also try "This Fashion" range....


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                I've got couple black longer than knee length skirts

                One in mermaid cut, slightly flares out at the end, sits slightly below the waist, bought at Isetan couple years ago. I think its great. Conservative and yet stylish * haha so much for self praise*

                Another with gathers on both sides, from Max & Co? or one of the Max & Co lines, bought overseas. Not in the least boring or grandma-ish feel to it!


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                  How about 3/4 length black skirts? I've seen gals wearing those 3/4 lenth skirts .. flowy feeling kind, and some with those edgy ends .. looks sweet and so nice .. know where to get nice pieces of those?