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Affordable but comfy shoes

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  • Affordable but comfy shoes

    Where are your favourite stops for cheap buys? (below S$50)

    I love VNC, but it's so hard finding your size!

    Any one care to share your faves?

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    charles and keith (some designs are nice, but they spoil pretty quickly. two of my C&K sandal straps have broken within a month of wearing them)

    pretty fit (most of the shoes may be above $50 though)

    i like VNC, but most of the shoes don't feel very comfortable on me. (i think its just me )

    trendy zone (cleo sometimes features their stuff) i just bought a pair of pretty pink ballet pumps from them for $15.90 (on sale) their stuff's pretty reasonably priced, but don't expect super quality for the price!


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      am not really up-to-date with good shoe shops in sg, but i've heard from a few friends that while Charles & Keith has cheap shoes, the quality isn't that good as the shoes either:

      - cause lotsa blisters
      - break off at the heel
      - are unstable at the heel

      does anyone else have these probs with their shoes? i've been steering away because of that.

      on the other hand, xue, politely butting in, since i've bought heaps of cheap pairs of shoes over the last 2 wks , most of which have given me blisters since the leather's too hard, etc. etc, i've resorted to buying Scholls' Heel Gripz, which are padded sole inserts identitical to Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz. the difference is, Scholls' Heel Gripz cost about $3 or 4 whereas Foot Petals cost $9.90 a pair. you simply stick them on the inside of the back of the heel and it apparently prevents friction and thus blister formation.

      i like this particular store at Far East Plaza, forgot its name but it's on the 3rd level, and the one you see the min. you get off the escalator. Plenty of variations of shoes, all from $20 - $30+. but ditto about the blister issue, or maybe it's just my feet? :huh:


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        Thanks so much girls!

        Iused to love Charles and Keith - I've literally worn my shoes from them to death! will definitely check that brand out...

        I personally find Trendy Zone too painful for me... All the shoes I bought from them simply can't be worn! Even with the Scholls...

        Thanks so much girls!


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          I used to get assorted bruises & blisters from most brands of shoes, now my foot seasoned so most brands are ok. Try wear more shoes, & yr foot will be & will not protest!!!


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            vernis: my feet have got multiple "battle-scars" from shoes and thongs already heh.... ugly feet now! there should be some way we can "tenderise" the shoes before they inflict such pain on us.. i've worn new shoes out before to shop the whole day (ok probably asking for it also..) and they really killed me bigtime!


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              OG! Also, some of the shoes (sorry I forgot the labels) at Robinsons, City Hall.


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                I'm a wimp so I cannot tahan! I really can't tolerate painful shoes...

                Thanks Glossie!


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                  Seriously i have not have blisters (esp on top part of my foot) for awhile. (touchwood) Think is i never stopped wearing shoes, i try not to give my foot a break, no more den 2x heels each week so i need not "re-program" them to accustom to shoes again.

                  But shoes i usually wear nowadays are of flat or w/ low heels (think HK/China imported ones) so no major damages so far except scars from the past. Instead, branded shoes like Ferra & NineWest, Enzo give more foot-ache.

                  I used to religiously apply Fade-Out to minimise the scars, now too lazy , i just scrub daily.

                  Thongs remind me of itchiness btw the 1st 2 toes.... :booty:
                  No obvious scar but just persistent itchiness & swelling.


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                    maybe you can have a look at Substance at wheelock place. not exactly cheap but their sales can be quite good. not a bad idea to drop by once in a while and see if they have any sales.


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                      not a fan of U.R.S but they are affordable & comfy enough. wore to office almost everyday.


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                        Yah, shoes by The ShoeBox are nice.

                        I have tried the "Walk the Dog" model elsewhere & the shoes are like some shell fish engulfing my foot. Another manufacturer's offer, same design is softer & fit like a sock. I having 2nd thots to go for the sale.

                        JB's CitySq sells the "Walk the Dog" pair at RM119 & FEP aro 36 so it is still cheap to get them at The ShoeBox sale.

                        Anyone going this Sat??


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                          Originally posted by Glossie
                          Mich, a while back they had a Buy 2nd pair at 50% off.. not sure if they still have it. Have you seen The Shoe Box offer in the other thread? The designs are pretty much the same!
                          had a peek.

                          substance seems to go on sale pretty often and that's when i'll swoop in and buy.


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                            Yeah... OG has some really cheap(i got mine at $13.90) and basic kitten heels which amazingly does not hurt my feet. And they have simple and nice designs sometimes. Can check them out!

                            Or you can check out URS when they are having sales. Their shoes are okay(does not hurt much) but i do find them a tad too expensive for the simple cuts and designs.

                            I like some of the designs from The Shoebox but never tried their shoes before. Do they hurt badly?


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                              I have tried 3 designs. The worst is the Dog pair. If they really sell those w/ silver sole (on the 2 sides) then they are painfully. Hibiscus is vy comfy.