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    Thought this might be fun. Name your favourite clothing and accessories. Better still if you could include pics.

    Favourite Jeans:
    Favourite Skirt:
    Favourite Top:
    Favourite Dress:
    Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi:
    Favourite Bag:
    Favourite Shoes:
    Favourite Accessory:

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    Re: Favourites Poll

    Favourite Jeans: Sass and Bide
    Favourite Skirt: minis from abercrombie
    Favourite Top: blue mango singlet which is very comfy and versatile. i pair it with jeans when i go clubbing and with capris if i'm out and about in town.
    Favourite Dress: my very short, turquoise green Museum dress. it's also my most expensive piece of clothing in my closet. i don't know if i'll wear it again though.
    Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi: puff-sleeved jacket from Martina Pink.
    Favourite Bag: any of my whimsical clucthes which i've gotten over the net. they're cute and better still, they don't cost a bomb.
    Favourite Shoes: 3 inch black heels from HUE. it has a tiny black rosette attached at the straps on the front.
    Favourite Accessory: any sort of dangling earrings. i especially like those from Mudan at FEP.


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      Re: Favourites Poll

      Favourite Jeans: Levis 593
      Favourite Skirt: Hollister-lookalike Denim mini
      Favourite Top: red floral wrap-tube that can be dressed up or down
      Favourite Dress: Delias white terry tube dress
      Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi: cream cropped cardi w/ flower brooch
      Favourite Bag: printed coin-purse sling & beaded vintage clutch from Xcessories
      Favourite Shoes: black slingback heels w/ flower applique from SO & vintage-y floral pumps
      Favourite Accessory: Diamond ring from SO & all my retro/cute-sy earrings
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        Re: Re: Favourites Poll

        Favourite Jeans: From FEP, fits big hip me
        Favourite Skirt: currently supre denim mini
        Favourite Top: yellow 80's looking top from OZOC
        Favourite Dress: black babydoll dress from supre (i'm gonna buy one i saw at Topshop!)
        Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi: vintage blue jacket with japanese logo at the front, bought in HKFavourite Bag: gap hobo
        Favourite Shoes: puma sneakers in gold and pink
        Favourite Accessory: my charm bracelets and my new diamong ring from mummy [/size][/QUOTE]


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          Re: Re: Favourites Poll

          Favourite Jeans: Pepperplus. Fits me like skin!
          Favourite Skirt: Mango pleated mini.
          Favourite Top: U2 basic top
          Favourite Dress: Brown brocade dress by Tangs
          Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi: U2 red fleece jacket with pink trimmings and my black DKNY cardi
          Favourite Bag: Burberry Blue Label dumpling bag
          Favourite Shoes: Hush Puppies white pumps with red hearts
          Favourite Accessory: Tiffany Venetian bracelet and Swatch Bijoux ring


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            Re: Re: Re: Favourites Poll

            Favourite Jeans: Mango
            Favourite Skirt: SEED
            Favourite Top: Zara pink paisley top, or FCUK tube top
            Favourite Dress: Iora black dress
            Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi: Esprit denim jacket
            Favourite Bag: Usually the newest one - Mango pink bowling bag
            Favourite Shoes: URS black strappy heels
            Favourite Accessory: Hoop earrings from Bangkok (80 cents!)


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              Favourites Poll

              Favourite Jeans: Miss Sixty
              Favourite Skirt: A&F minis
              Favourite Top: AE sheer tees
              Favourite Dress: i don't really wear dresses. if i really have to....Kookai sheer black printed
              Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi: Atelier jersey hoodie
              Favourite Bag: AE two toned mini tote
              Favourite Shoes: Birkenstocks
              Favourite Accessory: my diamond eternity ring


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                Favourite Jeans: Miss Selfridge fitting dark blue jeans
                Favourite Skirt: Lolita-style chocolate brown skirt from Iora.
                Favourite Top: Have too too many! Love them all! if i have to choose it would have to be the lovely Korean style cami-cardigan set (in purplish pink) i got recently. its a classic!
                Favourite Dress: Surfbay black-n-white striped dress (for now).
                Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi: Jill Stuart black hooded jacket.
                Favourite Bag: DKNY purple bag.
                Favourite Shoes: camel colored Timberland boots with wool-like trimmings.
                Favourite Accessory: Swarovski necklace w heart and stars.


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                  Re: Favourites Poll

                  Favourite Jeans: Mango but still cant fit into it yet for the time being
                  Favourite Skirt: currently i'm in love with my SubZero black skirt
                  Favourite Top:new Iora black top, kinda vintage looking
                  Favourite Dress: sweet looking floral tube dress from bugis
                  Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi: Short sleeve cropped cardi which i bought 4 days ago
                  Favourite Bag: black clutch bag from Metro
                  Favourite Shoes: my flip flop from bugis
                  Favourite Accessory: my collection of earrings


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                    Favourite Jeans: Guess jeans
                    Favourite Skirt: Alannah Hill 'It's your birthday' skirt
                    Favourite Top: Marc Jacobs Shirt
                    Favourite Dress: I don't wear dress
                    Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi: Vintage Adidas Jumper
                    Favourite Bag: Stussy
                    Favourite Shoes: Birkenstocks
                    Favourite Accessory: Just bring myself good enough

                    *LoL* I'm like a typical tom boy~


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                      Re: Favourites Poll

                      Favourite Jeans: This girl doesn't wear jeans!
                      Favourite Skirt: Mango office minis. :D
                      Favourite Top: V-neck shirts (both short-sleeved and long-sleeved)
                      Favourite Dress: I don't wear dresses.
                      Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi: ...or jackets and the like. :D
                      Favourite Bag: A Mango leather bag I bought off auctions.
                      Favourite Shoes: I've yet to find a pair I really like, but in general I love wearing thongs.
                      Favourite Accessory: I don't wear accessories either. I am the most boring cotter around!


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                        Re: Re: Favourites Poll

                        Favourite Jeans: Levi's 599, the faded wash one. I live in them I think.
                        Favourite Skirt: KOOKAI Jungle Print Skirt
                        Favourite Top: My pink T-Shirt I got from General Pants Australia! Its super soft cotton...and can be dressed up or down, best of all, i'll never look fat in it...haha.
                        Favourite Dress: My green beaded and sequinned Alannah Hill dress.
                        Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi: For now, this shrug I got from South Haven. I took off the ivory tusk thingy they had for a button and pinned a diamante brooch instead.
                        Favourite Bag: A very simple black Coach logo bag that my dad got me.
                        Favourite Shoes: I've got so many! I love this black, velvet round toe heels I got with a ribbon on top, and my Sportsgirl mint green pointy shoes with a cut out pattern in front, and this VNC brown strappies with a velvet ribbon and a diamante brooch in the centre. So vintage!
                        Favourite Accessory: My Christmas present from Lea! A pretty pair of diamante butterfly earrings with pearls.


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                          Re: Re: Re: Favourites Poll

                          Favourite Jeans: TF !!
                          Favourite Skirt: Alannah Hill
                          Favourite Top: Black bustier from Karen Millen
                          Favourite Dress: Karen Millen LBD. Can I list 2? Calvin Klein slip dress because it's so comfortable and soft!
                          Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi:Zara maroon cardi my hubby bought for me from Barcelona a few years ago
                          Favourite Bag: Right now it's my Marc Jacobs pochette Can I list 2? Blythe tote
                          Favourite Shoes: My one and only Chanel shoes - camel slingbacks, with black toe and heel
                          Favourite Accessory: Vintage 60's sapphires & diamonds cluster ring from Mummy's collection
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                            Re: Favourites Poll

                            Favourite Jeans: Mango 3/4 jeans
                            Favourite Skirt: M)phosis, cutting fits me perfectly and Zara mini skirt, length is not that short!
                            Favourite Top: M)phosis babydoll tops, to hide my bulging tummy
                            Favourite Dress: : Rarely wear dress
                            Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi: Mango Denim Jacket
                            Favourite Bag: Dior Pink Logo Trotter
                            Favourite Shoes: Elle Black Heels, comfy!!
                            Favourite Accessory: : Tiffany Mesh Ring


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                              Re: Favourites Poll

                              Favourite Jeans: anything dark denim low rise or vintage wash
                              Favourite Skirt: A&F minis
                              Favourite Top: FCUK, graniph, pam and playboy tees
                              Favourite Dress: i dont own any beautiful dress yet but the top goes to the one i saw at D&G
                              Favourite Jacket/Blazer/Cardi: Vintage olive courdoury jacket with puffed sleeves
                              Favourite Bag: denim hand carrier with red leather and leopard prints & Blythe collage bag
                              Favourite Shoes: red ribbon with big stitches ala marc jacobs open toed pumps and eley sneakers
                              Favourite Accessory: currently metallic gold blythe purse. mickey/minnie diamates earrings and Blythe necklace