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  • Dry Cleaners

    Hi girl, not sure if this topic belongs here...hmm

    Anyone know any good dry cleaner in Singapore? I good and reputable ones.. i need to dry clean my clothes but don't know where to go to.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I usually have my clothes drycleaned at Tangs (level 2, customer service). It actually belongs to Marriott, so it's hotel standards.

    I'm pretty happy with them, no complaints.


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      I'm using a drycleaning service that picks up and delivers from my place. Very convenient and there's no extra charge or minimum number of pieces needed.

      So far so good, am happy with the results and service. Company is called Cotton Care.


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        Dry Cleaners

        which dry cleaners would you recommend? i recently sent a dress for dry-cleaning and i didn't realy like the end results. doesn't look like it has been properly ironed. the one i go to is near my place in Bedok but i'm prepared to travel especially if i'm sending a beloved piece of clothing for cleaning.

        also, just wondering if its possible to experience shrinkage with dry-cleaning.


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          I like the drycleaning services at Tangs (which is actually under Marriott). No problems with them so far, and I have been using them since 2000.

          My clothes didn't shrink at all. But I drycleaned a piece of very soft, silky smooth type of turtleneck sweater before with another place, and it came back very scratchy and stiff.

          Apparently there are many different types of drycleaning solutions for different types of clothes, so I always hesitate to bring it to neighborhood stores. I heard some places will dilute the chemicals with water or other stuff, so it's not effective at all.


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            oh thanks! tangs should be good and it being in town is all the more convenient.

            i recently dry-cleaned a dress and i'm wondering if it has shrunk somewhat. if it has, i'm going to have to speak to the bedok dry cleaner.


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              You can try Everfresh Laundrette @ 64445528. They provide free collection and delivery also


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                Anyone else has a dry cleaner whom they can trust with expensive clothes?


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                  Bumping ths thread up!

                  Has anyone tried a dry cleaner to recommend in Compass Point or Plaza Singapura? any recommendations?