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  • Jewellery From Japan

    Anyone knows of any place that sells them in Singapore??

    I normally goes to a little shop in Bugis Junction for my fix. Not cheap though but you definately wont see so many replicates on the streets.

    They have just put up a website: Fie Japan

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    I bought a couple of earrings from there too! Very pretty though somewhat similar. Just short of two more pairs to get that discount card but can't find anymore different pieces to buy.
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      I've just got the discount card too BTW, the stocks move pretty fast, no?

      What about necklace and rings? I saw a couple of nice pieces but broke already so can't buy more.

      One of the nice necklace is one that looks like a perfume bottle with 2 swarovski crystal inside. It will look nice with a plain Giordano White Tshirt. The other is an Eiffel tower necklace. So French!


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        I bought several stuff there as well.. Their designs are nice but they really tarnish rather easily. I didnt qualify for their VIP as i bought all of them on different occasions.

        I bought this recently for myself!

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          That's nice I can't really remember if there are any left there. :roll: But I know there are the snowflake earrings the last time I went, didn't really like that design though.

          The ones that tarnish easily, are those the white metal ones or the antique metal one??


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            those that tarnish easily are white metal ones..

            this is the first time i bought antique metal from them.. still have to wait and see

            abit ex ar.. sigh.. :Doh:


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              hey kiyomi gal,may i know how much did that necklace cost you?thanks!


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                50 odd i think.. sigh.. accidentally touched it with alcohol and a little of my antique paint is removed.. guess the quality isnt there.. it's onli the design..

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                  thanks gal...

                  yeah,their designs are really pretty,but they don't look lasting.very fragile-like.


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                    this very up market jewelry shop called 'The Kiss' on the 1st level... their items are from Japan..... and their rings are simply goregous ... Check out and you know what i mean have fun shopping....


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                      i saw The Kiss jewellery when i was in tokyo! you mean they're setting up business here in singapore???


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                        Yes bo-peep... & they are already open for business... at Central (the mall at Clark Quay MRT) ...

                        left it out earlier...


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                          Hows the price range like for The Kiss?


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                            It start from abt S$100 onwards?...


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                              New location for the kiss.

                              [QUOTE=BabyAleu;904634]Yes bo-peep... & they are already open for business... at Central (the mall at Clark Quay MRT) ...

                              left it out earlier... [/QUOTE

                              Any idea of where is the kiss located at now?