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  • Non-Conventional Work Wear

    I am having an overhaul for my work attire.

    My working environment is relatively casual but i need to wear serious stuff on days i need to attend external meetings.

    What are the stuff i should never wear to work? No official guideline todate. :huh: Jeans are ok on Fri. My colleagues dress like aunties even they are below 30!!!!

    I am buying stuff which girls 10-years younger my age would buy. Am i abnormal?

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    This is my guess on how worklife fashion is! (I'm still a student.)

    I would guess that anything that is too short (minis) and anything that shows cleavage like low-cut tops are generally inadvisable for office wear...too distracting.


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      Right on, Poochi!

      How about clubbing garb? But it's acceptable where I work.. although I don't find it at all appropriate


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        Glossie u work where ah?


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          Hey girl! Real late.. I beg your pardon! Sorry I have my reservations for disclosing this info.. let's just say some of the officers are required to attend to the public, which is the basis I feel certain clothes shouldn't be worn. The irony is, only recently then did the boss agree to casual Fridays, when some were already wearing too-loud clothes from Mondays to Thurs

          So, have you turned your wardrobe around? Pray tell!


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            What does conventional work wear means then?? hmm...

            Those work wear that the teachers are wearing is it classified as office wear?

            Actually, how then is not too overly casual? i know no jeans, no tshirts, no polo tee, no bermudas, no capris, no singlets, no slippers, what else?

            Wearing a pretty skirt with a pretty top is consider ok?? must it be always a SHIRT -long sleeve or short sleeve? or maybe a skirt with just a plain-coolored maybe black top but with some patterns on the top itself....? hahah...i do not know how to describe...

            i have no idea ...

            anyway if you are not wearing like what the boss expect of you but it's acceptable, will the boss / manager voice out to you that you are dressing too casually? if they demand covered shoes, they will tell you right? will this cause any bad impressions? i mean of cos u don't look sloppy at all...maybe you are just dressed in smart casual...ahah...i really don't know to to say it here....anybody understands what i'm trying to ask?


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              Here r my phases, in a general image portrayed by each brand :

              1997 - G2000 mannequin :eh:, w/ SF courtshoes.

              2001 - Southaven top & bottom w/ C&K heels. So zheng-jing* :roll:

              2004 - reversed brainwave wearing Zara, Mango w/ Vincci

              2005 - switched off, started to wear minis, graphic tees & spags w/ girlish pumps (except on days to meet associates)

              my current lady superior dresses like some mamasam at times so i also care less!!!

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                Didn't we all go through some phase like that! Great that you listed them down! Flashback! It's also a positive thing that you've become adventurous! I'm still quite stuck in time, in a fashion rut. Age helps to hinder any more effort to break out from it :bore:


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                  Motto is do it (dress underaged, colour face, wreck new hairstyle) now or never.

                  Glossie, what's yr age group like?

                  Yr home PC ok?


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                    I am usually casually dressed for work. Usually in jeans, vintage tees/camisoles/tanks/singlets with a nice fitted blazer. However, on some days, I do like to dress up for feel-good moments.

                    Somehow the younger batch of of employees like us changed the dress code in our office. We just wear whatever we want. Short skirts are allowed too but pray that our boss don't say anything. Of course, we don't push our luck too far by turning up in bermudas, shorts and slippers. I think clubbing attire are fine so long you have a blazer to cover it up I ever wore tubes paired with cardigans/blazers to work.


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                      Raebelasian u got the sums all rite!!

                      hope the management dun lay down some silly rules.... then need overhaul again