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  • Osmose

    anyone own a osmose membership card? can lend me? i want to buy some clothes from there..

    i wonder if the card can be borrowed as in i just tell the SA your membercard number on pretext i have forgotten to bring..

    dont know if it will work?

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    osmose sells quite a number of working clothes huh....
    one thing i like about the shop is the sizes run small!! very good for me! as im too short and small....HAHA....
    how do you find their pants??? i havent tried them myself....
    they got some nice fitting blazers.....


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      ya i am eyeing on the blazer too! but im worried the material will turn 'fluffy' as in 'qi mao' after washing...

      the pants look ugly on


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        Osmose sells many clingy stuff.. can't help but feel it's very *ah-lian I do check out the stores once in a while and bought 2 plain tops at one go one time. I don't like the prices but that's possibly due to the lian factor set in my head

        *oh dear.. how do I define 'ah lian' to foreigners? Walking fashion disaster?


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          My fren's sis buys lotsa skimpy stuff from there, she is hardcore kumchek (vy vy slim) Lian & we nicked it "The Bar Girl Shop".

          But there are some decent stuff in the shop too, good for some younger girls who dun like boring office wear.

          I nv fit in anything in the shop this lifetime, i am an oversized girl now.


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            Very derogatory!

            It's tricky how to spruce up office wear with *trashy* stuff w/o coming out tacky. Pardon my choice of word; I'm in want of a better word, actually.

            Hey Vernis, cut down on the SMS words, okie?


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                anyone saw their blazers? come in black, white and beidge at $49.90..tell me what u think of it..
                im thinking of buying for office cause the air con is cold but im afraid it might be a waste of $..

                and troublesome..everytime i wash my hands i must roll up the sleeves it difficult to match? lets say if im wearing jeans for that day or knee length pleated skirt, it will be a bit weird right?

                guess i will be better buying a cardigan instead?

                please advise!! thanks!!


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                  hmm help please? going to town tomorrow have to buy either a cardigan or blazer tomorrow...

                  i cant decide between them..


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                    if budget permits, buy both. since most places have sale, luck is on yr side. for cardi, u need not spend too much.


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                      cannot buy both!! lol must save $..sighz i also dont know..if blazer pair with jeans would it be weird? i like the beidge one..

                      but i see nobody in my office wearing a blazer, i scared if i wear one will look too formal..


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                        in my opinions, i feel that a cardi will go better with jeans than blazer.... hope that helps


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                          go for more funky material?

                          Congratulations on yr NEW JOB.


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                            thanks thanks, i was about to pm u was 1st day of far so good..

                            hmm ok ya cardi...
                            lele u know where to find cardis for petite girls?
                            the ones i tried were too baggy..i look like an auntie in them


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                              i saw U2 has some... didnt really tried them but saw petite girl tried them. Looks good.
                              Far East sometimes has smaller sizes ones too.. Will check out more and let you guys know ya? cos i forget most of the shop names.