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Why do women tend to shop for dresses?

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  • Why do women tend to shop for dresses?

    I am a blogshop owner and I realised that dresses tend to go a lot better than tops, skirts etc although in my opinion, they can be equally cute! Even though most of my customers are teenagers, they flock for dresses as well!

    Which kind of baffles me as I do not see myself wearing a dress to school?

    What do you girls think? Do give me your opinions so that I could better bring in my stocks!

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    interesting topic

    maybe this is the only way to be different from men


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      Because dresses make women feel feminine!

      And unlike shirts or shorts/skirts, dresses are easier to fit and no need to worry about matching!

      I will check out your shop!!

      Meantime, I found a really cool blogshop directory at Styleshoppes - Site

      They giving away Coach Bags too!


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        Easy to wear. When I am in a hurry I choose to wear dress then sleepers. Because if I will choose jeans I still need to choose nice blouse to look pretty. Unlike dresses automatically you look nice with the accessories.


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          Yup, agreed that it's easy to wear and doesn't need alot of matching up.


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            with a dress,i don't need to take trouble to match what you are going to wear.