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which factor is the most important for u about sexy lingerie?

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  • which factor is the most important for u about sexy lingerie?

    I got an idea from another thread and wanna make it more specific to know the general situation of sexy lingerie and would u help me to finish this task?Thank u so much!
    when talking about sexy lingerie,most women r open-minded,luckily for me.then which factor do u think is most important?

    photo -- is the sexy model more appealing to u?
    price -how much is more available? £10-20;£20-30;over 30;
    quality -- since this is instant product,is it enough since its comfortable and sexy?
    discription of lingerie -- will specific summary work for u better?

    any additional elements r welcome and hope u can be active,since im new here,so hope u can be supportive.thank u so much

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    lol i do that a lot. I'll buy an item i think looks really nice then when i get it i realize it looked good on the model but not me. yes a front and back pic are a must. price? depends on what it is. I can see paying $50 for a babydoll or chemise but not for a pair of panties.

    i have some items that i paid good money for that fell apart and others i got for dirt cheap that look new to this day.