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  • What Is Backorder??


    I need some advice. WHAT IS BACKORDER

    I ordered some apparel from A & F kids but apparently they are not shipping out my orders that are currently in stock. I hv sent them an email twice and they are not responding to me. :Doh:
    thye only sent me a back order notification.

    One of the items that i ordered is backordered, are they waiting for my back ordered item to arrive before sending the entire loot to me??

    Pls advise


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    backorder means they'll ship the rest of the items first and ship the other one later. maybe about a month or two? IIRC


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      I just called A & F. They will be shipping my items on Mon. Phew

      Anyway i believe A & F has charged to my CC twice, first time for all my transaction. second time, one of my item was OOS. hence they re-charged to my cc again.

      Has this happened to anyone before??


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        To me, backorder means that a particular item you ordered is out of stock at the moment. But the store will be placing / have already placed new orders for that particular item and it will arrive at a later date.

        Some stores like to just wait till all the items you ordered are on hand before they send your package out to you.


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          sometimes AnF and other online stores cancel backorder items because theyre not going to manufacture them anymore.