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    Hi All!

    I've posted on the skincare forum as well, but I still will do a little introduction to why I made this thread.

    I will be going on an holiday with my family to Korea end of this year. So it's winter when we get there. And because I've never been to any winter countries or a holiday at all, this will be my first trip in my life!

    Hence, I am not prepare mentally and physically to deal with the harsh winter weathers in Korea at that time. And I hope people out there with experiences could help me ease my confusions, as well as educate me on how to deal with winter properly.

    I've bought a white winter outwear, along with some pink winter accessories that ranges from hat to ear muffs to gloves.

    However, my whole family are lacking in long sleeves blouses/shirts and long pants/jeans/leggings

    Of cos for me, I would prefer to wear leggings or maybe legging pants that are long enough to cover my entire leg and also to keep myself warm. But I do not know where to purchase them in Singapore, because most of them I found are either knee-length or those with thin materials that I doubt it will keep me warm. Another problem that I constantly faced when purchasing any pants or leggings, is that my legs are pretty long. So if I buy in according to my length of my leg, it usually comes in a bigger size, that are too loose. And if I buy in according to my size (S or XS), the length doesn't seem to fit.

    If any one of you has places for me to pop by in Singapore, please post them in the comments.
    I will definitely drop by those stores and take a look at them.

    For my mom, she loves wearing pants. The only problem with her is that she tends to buy pants that are on sales or cheap. And those are constantly poor in quality or too thin to keep her warm during those winters. I've told her to buy something thicker, because she is the only one in my family that is afraid of cold, but then, she insist that those she have will be sufficient. And right now, I am super worry for her. So are there any shops you could recommend me to pop by for long pants and with thick materials that I could buy for my mom as a surprise. Even if there are legging pants I will still appreciate your tips. And definitely will drop by those shops.

    Next is my dad, he is also another money saver in our family, and constantly using second hand things that are passed down from my brother or other relatives. And whenever, both me and my mom presses him to buy long pants or long sleeve shirts during the GSS seasons, he keep delaying and till the GSS is over. =.- So am also planning to save up some of my allowances to buy for them as a surprise. For this, I hope you people will also have some recommendations on shops I could pop by for men pants and long sleeves.

    My brother on the other hand, has not much problem at all. Since he is working, and I am still studying, he has enough cash to buy his own stuffs, which he usually do. But still if you have any shops you will recommend my bro to pop by, just state them in the comments, and will definitely asks him to pop by.

    Also are there any woman long sleeves blouses and man long sleeve shirts that any of you could recommend me to purchase them off shelves, I will deeply aprreciate them as well.

    P.S If you have any shops that sells thick trench coats (men and women) , please state them as well. As I may be purchasing them for myself, my mom and my dad. Thanks!

    With that I thank you for all the tips and advises that will be given to me soon.

    May God bless everyone with health, wealth, beauty and happiness.


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