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    Been popping by to watch out for nice new units since they upgraded & expanded.

    Quite fruitful today but less 10% of total units are in operation :deal:

    got a small beauty shop at #01-04(A4), by a HK lady, stuff are bit old & prices not vy cheap but got a couple of rare finds. I told her several popular items to bring in. heee.... kaypoh me

    I am way overaged for those Thai imports

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    vernis, so bought anything today fr there? not been there for some time. Cos it's hot hot hot!!! and so squeezy. Only been up to the air con units a few times. Hasn't been lucky with this place.


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      now got better ventilation, the outdoor foodcourt is gone so oily fumes & heat.

      still many units are not in operation. more variety now, but prices may slide downwards as more & more competition expected.

      2-3 units sell nice tops , hee... VonDutch'ers like gone missing


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        so u score any good buys?


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          was zooming like lightning, no catch anything. spent too much time chatting uo the beauty shop lady.


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            Alway go there and take a look. But they alway seem wanna to "con" **. That day my gf like a small sling bag, ask for price. "$21, discount $16". In the end, i bought the same design at chinatown $12 without any bargain. Bugis street seem very tourist-oriented kinda of place.


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              Went there like 2 weeks ago & saw those new shops. My bf bought a pair of jeans from 1 of the new shops & it cost him $52!!! I thought it was 2 expensive, but he liked the design very much & bought it anyway.

              As for bags, not all expensive. Coz the bags we buy from Bugis usually even cheaper than neighbourhoold area.

              Can I know which part of Chinatown did u buy the bag from?


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                along the street, near to food street. They are there because of the new yr. Andyway $58 for a jeans seem abit expensive. even i pay $35 for a jean @ queenway shopping centre. I found it too expensive. Levis is alway the prefect jeans if u can afford them. They are more worthy for the price


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                  more keen on shops that self-import stuff for young auntie like me..


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                    don't say that. you not that old. No one is old anyway. heee~ Life is jus like a book, keep reading..
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                      Originally posted by vernis
                      more keen on shops that self-import stuff for young auntie like me..
                      me too! i like stuff that they import in limited quanities!

                      but some of the quality of the clothes they sell there are like

                      SO likes to go there to buy polo tees cause he's way too skinny! the normal brands in shopping centres are always too big for him.


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                        but some of the material is like :puke: .. Of cos there some other which are good.


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                          Thanks Sunkist, i feel so good now that i want to open my book & go round showing (at work now!!!)

                          << Like some oranges are yucky .. Of course there some other which are good. >>
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                            SO and i will walk around and keep in view the ones which are of better quality and bargain if we wanna get them!

                            some of the quality are really :puke:. rather pay more for better quality. most of the time, i'd be getting bags from there though.

                            i like one shop which sells hand painted bags at the air con level.


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                              Verni - hope i bring fun to here. And not disturbing the ladies

                              chiri - glad u love shopping there. I have a friend's who girlfriend do not like to sweat.. alway shop in shopping mall. And now this girl breakup with my friend (4yr plus). my friend feel like a fool now.