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Small Waist, Big Hip

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  • Small Waist, Big Hip

    my waist not that thin but got a big wide hip, bad proportion!!

    i like the current cropped pants stuff but most pants' can't contain my fleshy bums, if not, the waist line simply goes too low.

    How to dress rite?

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    small waist big hips checking in!

    its so difficult to buy clothes right?

    i say do leg lifts, it helps a little in reducing the fats there haha


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      pants, skirts, dresses... u name it, we sure have a headache fitting a good fit. usually out of 6 pcs tried, managed to get 1 is

      I managed to trim down my hip abit so during last MNG sale, my 1st time getting their pants.

      i can't exercise much as i have short attention span, rollerblades, bicycle, stationary bike are all white elephants at home.


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        Me too! Also in the smaller waist bigger hip.... Haz, it's like you go buy normal jeans, you have to ask for size 30 cos if not, the hips cannot go in. Then when you wear, your waist there like got so much excess cloth...

        I end up wearing skirts most times.... somemore cannot too straight cut. Cos when I walk, the skirt will ride up....


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          i also resort to get 29 & 30 just to contain my bottom. Overall i don't look big but not much folks believe i wear L or XL for bottoms.

          no wrappy skirt also. or else the overlap will be lapsed & reveallll... my limps. sick!!! i need a knife to slice off my flesh!!!!

          Softer fabric like fine couduroy is no no for me. it will wrap thighs unforgivingly.


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            but once you exercise and see the results you'll be motivated! but i don't practice what i preach. pure laziness at times! hahaa

            i'll definitely go for lipo at the butt and thighs given a chance


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              I used to have small waist and big hips, can't wear jeans or pants because of the extra material around the waist.

              The problem is solved when my waist expanded, so now I'm more or less in proportions to the cuts offered by most clothes. Not very helpful advice

              Another option will be to get something that will fit the hips and get them altered to fit the waist. Softer materials will be better too.


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                yr tip is an exact a clone from my hubby's

                fitting into nice or fitted dresses is most challenging.

                My S.O.P.
                1) unzip
                2) step in
                3) pull up
                4) whole dress stuck at hip
                5) cont'd to pull upwards
                6) voila!! form a solid rectangular dumpling (image lotus leave rice), thighs freeze, can't walk an inch
                7) shrug, get out &


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                  I have a boyish figure. I have no waist. Wish I'm curvy like Jessica Biel.

                  Wide-hipped girls still can wear fitted bottoms and look sexy! Distract by attracting attention towards the top.


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                    top not well endowed

                    face not pretty

                    stay at home best.


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                      i think i'm too big hipped too.
                      SO loves it.
                      He thinks it's sexy but i don't think it is when u have problems buying bottoms!

                      My waist is 27 and hips are 37!!
                      now still on my weightloss plan to bring it down to 35inches!

                      I have problems buying skirts and pants
                      i feel that leg lifts dun seem to reduce the size, it makes it look more..swollen? erm...lifted.


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                        im waist 25 and hips 36....and when i wear something tight fitting it looks disgusting too curvy already!!

                        leg lifts works for my thighs though..and jogging helps my butt..but the problem once i stop, my long time friend (fats) misses me so much they just have to pop by and stay for awhile


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                          Kekeke... i just used mouse cable wire to measure as my opi no proper measuring tape.

                          Waist abo 28 and Hip abo 40 :eh:

                          gym sweat skirt looks like shrinkwrap on me.


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                            wendee!! nice figure.
                            i wanna lose another inch off waist and butt.
                            the only comfort is that, we're probably the Hourglass figure as my SO puts it, the ideal woman figure.


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                              few men like the hourglass figure now Alya! haha

                              but if we were in olden times, we'll be the beauties of the beauties with our figures.