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  • Trash regrets

    I'm sure all of us must have thrown away something years or months ago and have utterly regretted it.

    50s Vintage diamante purse from HongKong, very glam.

    Threw it away because I felt it was too bling bling, this was during the minimalist 90s Did I say this was the genuine thing? :Doh:

    Dark mossy green corduroy hoodie, lined with vintagey cotton. So 70s

    Italian shoes - a pair of maryjanes, have not touched it in 6 years so threw away 2 years ago.

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    nobody throws out anything around here? *disbelief*


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      hahaha Sharon, maybe some of us just don't wanna recall the painful memories.

      The ones I could think of now are ...

      A black and white striped Gaultier Jeans jacket. Friends used to make fun of me non-stop calling it my prison jacket. :roll: Gave it to goodwill I think.

      A pair of red suede Charles Jourdan pumps. Didn't wear it for afew years, and gave it away 3 years ago. Now I regret. :Doh:


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        A Prada messager sling bag in beige and a Prada pouch in Lavender.

        Both got stained very easily and the SA told me they can't remove the stains on light-coloured material. In the end, both gets too ugly to bring out with multiple stains.

        I have said farewell to Prada since then. Hmpf.


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          Well I threw out many many things but never regret them.

          I do regret buying a lot of things though & I was glad to be rid of them!

          Waste of money:
          Chanel bags that cost me in excess of $3000
          Versace Jeans & Belts (the excessive 80's )