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    I managed to get in contact with a stockist who agreed to do it for me.


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      Wow lucky gal!

      I think the bag is elegant, exquisite and yet still "young-looking".


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        Ponine, welcome to the Biru club. Everytime when I'm near that area, I must drop by United Square and check out Something Precious. Never walked out of there empty-handed.


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          I liked this red stripped, part velvet one that i saw a few days ago.

          But i was hesistant because i don't how to match it to my dressing.

          Too fanciful for work and too OTT for weekends ? :eh:


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            I know which one you're referring to. It's one of the newest in the collection.

            If you wear browns or blacks, you can always carry that bag to brighten up your attire.


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              Do you happen to know the price too?

              I am also wondering if its too matured looking for a early 20s... what say you ?


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                I think it's around $279. Don't think Biru bags are too old. In fact, I don't think anyone too old will carry them.

                Unless, you're concerned about the beads being associated with bags old ladies will carry. I do worry about that too, but the Biru bags are so cute that overall, I don't think they are too matured looking.


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                  Ok. Lemming definately stirred. Thinking thinking... hmm.


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                    ponine, I think I know which bag you're refering to as well. It's more of a medium size day bag rather than a small evening one right?

                    Anyway I do think that some Biru bags are very OTT, not surprising considering it's an Indonesian brand and they tend to like more OTT designs. Think the bags from another Indonesian brand, Bagteria. However the ones that Something Precious brings in are generally the "milder" bags which I feel suit younger ladies very well.

                    There is this evening bag there that I was eyeing but did not get in the end. It's made of a garnet red and silver material and has intricate crystals/beadings on the front as well as a delicate beaded strap. Very small and closes with a magnetic clasp. There is a similar version in a lilac silk as well.


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                      Oh.. the fans of Biru bags know which one i am talking about.

                      I am not sure if it's timeless and classy enough to cost me $300

                      Erica, show those you bought pretty please ?

                      And aww.. the bag you described sounds !


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                        ponine, I feel that Biru bags are quite timeless actually. They don't exactly follow trends so I'm sure you'll be able to use it for many years as long as you take good care of it. The beaded evening bags are especially good investments, you could probably pass them on to your daughter/s in future. Think of those gorgeous bags from the 1920s etc.

                        I've got some pics here . Biru bags in the last few pics.
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                          Envy envy! I want a Biru bag too, but doubt there will be an occassion I will use it.


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                            artichoke, you don't really need a special occasion to bring the bags out. I just use mine when I go out for nice dinners with my boy or girlfriends. They really glam up a simple outfit. Else Biru also does simpler bags that are not as embellished which would be suitable for day use.