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  • Bonds!

    did a search and couldn't find a thread that is specifically on bonds.

    just wondering if anyone has bought bonds bras?

    wanna get some bras and panties from there for the new year! i've always been aiming the tie side panties! so pretty!

    bonds is available at tangs, 77th street and seiyu right? but the 77th street's collection is quite limited? :huh: which place has a better range?


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    I think Tangs is better. At least they got a regular SA to serve you and answer your questions.


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      I think Tangs has the biggest selection that I have came across in SG. Other places that I know have Bonds are:

      OG Bugis (near the Chinese Temple)
      Seiyu Bugis
      Metro Paragon


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        it's also avail be OG people's park


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          thanks girls!

          i didn't know they have it in metro paragon, OG albert and People's park!

          shall pop down to tangs and see!

          is the quality good? if it is, i don't mind paying!

          comfy? what the price range like anyway?


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            quality's good! my bras & undies last me a long time! it's cheaper in australia though, i got my sis to stock up for me when she was there


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              Originally posted by duckiee
              quality's good! my bras & undies last me a long time! it's cheaper in australia though, i got my sis to stock up for me when she was there
              totally agree. Bond's quality is
              australia is definately much much cheaper and designs are more and prettier. never fail to stock up on bonds undies when i am in OZ

              sigh ..if only we can buy Bonds online


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                I thought Target sells Bonds llingerie. I remember I bought my first Bonds lingerie from Target. But the online store doesn't sell.

                Nerver mind, I found another online site that ships to Singapore.



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                  ya figleaves i know...expensive

                  i simple adore target each time i go to OZ, their bonds undies are like so cheap


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                    i have bonds undies, the plain colored ones....theyr're ok but mine seem to have stretched out...maybe cos i machine wash them


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                      Oh I machine wash mine too but its been 3 years and they still look like new


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                        hmm i got mine last year...


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                          I love Bonds undies. Their quality is good. I had mine for about 2 years now, and they are still as good. Definaely a good buy.


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                            wow! super reviews! so that means i MUST go get them! will bug SO to go with me, maybe can get him to sponsor me a bit!

                            figleaves are expensive! ooh! i'll get friends who are going to australia to get them for me! heh! better still, i want to go there myself!


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                              just wanna clarify. me bought the panty and bra today!

                              the SA told me to get size 12 for the panty. i'm a triump M and women's secret S. is 12 too big? btw, i bought the tie side bottom. so i was like thinking, can adjust. how?