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Do not buy from *CMW Shop* at deluxemall forum!

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  • Do not buy from *CMW Shop* at deluxemall forum!

    I was keen in one of the gucci bag but kept asking for a clear/brighter photo as the photos posted here is dark.
    Upon request, she send me the exact same photo posted here zzzz. dunno is it she dont understand english or what.
    and before confirming our meet up i asked again for a clear photo, NO REPLY.

    Since no reply no nothing, cant expect me to confirm our meeting and buy from her right? But she KEPT CALLING N CALLING. I was at work and pissed so i IGNORED (Since my msg was also ignored in the first place) , subsequently, she send me a bloody long text msg (sorry to say but this perosn sounds really paranoid and unsound with alot of false assumptions)

    in the text msg she wrote something like this:

    -i was such a irresponsible person that if i were to have good fortune to have any kids, hope my kids wont inherit my poor upbringing and irresponsible attitude.. bla bla. (she never provide me a clear photo want to force me to buy ***? cannot be right???? who is irresponsible and unreasonable here?????????)

    - she also said and hope my husband is having other woman outside (wtffff? seriously?? why was my husband being dragged down now??? i sure hope ur husband is the one screwing outside that has caused u such paranoid attitude and emotional imbalance!!!!!!!)

    - then she went on to say she pity my poor financial means that i have to resort in buying second hand goods online!!!!! (i think ur the one with such poor financial that u have to resort to selling ur ugly branded goods online to feed your starving child!!!! and u dont even bother to post clear or decent photos!)

    i dont mean to sound so malicious but i swear my inbox was flooded with her perverted texts with remarks that were uncalled for! i was pissed okay.

    u cant force somebody to meet u and buy ur stupid bags! nobody can make u do that.

    please avoid making transaction with this seller **CMW SHOP** UNLESS u REALLY wanted to buy or else she will troll u like a mad woman! Damn scary!!!!!