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    hi gals,came across this site selling high end brands.
    anyone bought or heard of the site b4?
    its stated that their products r authentic.
    but don't know if its true or not.
    what do yall girls think?
    if its really authentic stuffs, then can really save alot of money.
    but quite skeptical about it.
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    This web site was talked about in one of the thread Great Online Shops. You can find the posts by other cotters by using our Search Engine.

    How to use:

    1. Type in the word(s) of the product in Search by Keyword, then,

    2. Under Search Options, select the forum in the drop window (to narrow your search if you wish).

    If it's a specific post you want to locate, click the radio buttons at "Search entire posts" and "Show results as posts". Otherwise, leave them as default and Perform Search.

    Here is the link to it:


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        there are lots of similar websites offering the same few models & brands. hmm... i am not trusting them too much. Guess nothing beats getting stuff from boutiques.

        But seriously if there is someone who can vouch for their authenticity or share abo their online purchase experience, then will be great


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          3 of my colleagues got the Gucci bag from this website (each cost $279)

          since i have one from the Gucci boutique, i brought it and my opinion, it just doesn't seem to be the same...

          1) the GG logos are alittle out, slightly bigger or smaller (I forgot)
          2) their canvas material is rougher...mine is still quite new and smooth after more than 4 months, but my colleagues' ones look darker and not so nice after just 2 months of use...
          3) the base is not sewn like mine..
          4) the inside fabric is also different...

          although there is the serial no. inside the tag, but i am really skeptical...

          so my conclusion, they are not that real...(the savings is not that much, I paid $400 from the boutique, just a savings of $121) or maybe I am wrong, it could be a different batch??


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            Exactly!!! Well done, Bee!

            Actually yr boutique purchase came w/o the dustbag right?

            By chance, i actually got a small FOC *Qoocci bag which the owner purchased from one such similar website, she was too "chicken" to use it. although i didn't make one-to-one comparison but i just feel the fabric is not right, from the bag to the dustbag. the serial nos.of the inner tab was done tastefully though. I store it for "future-use".

            *Qoocci = fake Gucci


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              hahaha...ya..*Qoocci bag came with the dust bag...and mine the Gucci bag came without...but i must admit it was almost 90% lookalike indeed...


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                I admit that I am REALLY REALLY SKEPTICAL of these online designer websites without any brick and mortar shop fronts. More often than not, these shops really just sell high end fakes even though they claim authenticity, etc. If you really want to buy branded stuff online, for peace of mind, I suggest getting them from reputable retailers like eluxury (endorsed by LVMH) or Neiman Marcus.

                The $$$ is really not worth it if you find out that you got a replica when you really want the real thing...


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                  thanks for sharing......

                  Heard/read somewhere B*u*F*y (one of the high flyers in this trade) was caught selling fake branded bags. so better to be safe than to be sorry.


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                    I agreed that it's definitely safer to buy from the boutiques. There are many super AAA grade imitation in the market. It's not easy to tell the difference. How much can you really save if you buy from designerluxury? Penny wise pound foolish. If you want to buy cheap, wait for sale time.


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                      Worst thing was I believe this website was featured in an issue of Digital Times 2 weeks back.

                      That's really irresponsible as they are directing consumers towards this site without being sure if the products are authentic. :eh:


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                        to gucci or not ..

                        ok this is hearsay (meaning not a direct relation / friend) so i'm not sure how reliable it is. my girlfriend who showed me this site told me her colleague bought a handbag from them and took it to her friend who works for Gucci to check if it's authentic. the feedback was it's real stuff ..

                        in italy / milan or venice .. you can get these bags for like 50% off retail price when they are clearing stock. so i guess if you do have the contacts and sources, it's not impossible to buy the old season left-overs at a cheap price and earn a profit from it. in fact, designerluxury is not the cheapest around, there are some even cheaper suppliers around.


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                          Re: to gucci or not ..

                          did the Gucci SA say it right from her mouth? :huh: hee...

                          anyway, i find all these sites funny as they sell the same few designs from the same few seasons, never really seen the vy vy recent released (more exquisite models i mean) ones. this also applied to Prada and Fendi.


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                            Re: to gucci or not ..

                            i'm not sure as well but i think that person works in the main office and not at the retail front. i guess the gist of it is that it's not impossible to get real stuffs at such cheap price seriously. my colleague just got back from her honeymoon and bought one of the hobo bags i saw in boutique for only S$300.00 at the gucci boutique in venice. the rest of the tour group each bought 4 or more pieces of bags at other gucci boutiques in italy itself at also dirt cheap prices but of course take into consideration of airfare + accomo to go there .. hehhe it adds up somehow? :Doh:

                            oh i must add .. you only see old season's designs for sale because they can only get these at stock clearance prices. sometimes their stocks are only couple of pieces. that's why my gf's bag was slashed to more than 50% discount and there was only few pieces left ..

                            btw i bought a gucci monogram wallet from one such seller but in yahoo .. didn't had guts to go to gucci boutique here in singapore to confirm authenticity .. so me and my gfren were shopping in HK .. we went to the gucci outlet inside the airport and asked them very nicely if they can check for us if it's real .. the girl SA wasn't sure and asked the male colleague .. he told us it :SHOULD: be real based on checking the quality of the leather, the gucci logo fabric and the serial number.... wasn't very very convincing though.

                            so if even they can't tell real or fake stuff i guess i can live with it? :booty:
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                              found the pic ..

                              this the one she bought from venice for SGD$300 from Gucci ...

                              Gucci bag model no 113023Earth