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  • Balenciaga

    Yay!!! Then again, yah, is it worth paying so much for.

    Digression, Linda, any idea if Club 21 carries the whole Balenciaga range? Been meaning to go check but too lazy to walk all the way there.

    CLUB 21 Four Seasons Hotel 6235 0753
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    Not at this store unfortunately. I was wondering where I can view the entire Balenciaga range too. While I was at the store, a lady came in carrying this gorgeous white Balenciaga Motorcycle bag


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      The fake bag shop at FEP Level 2 carries Balenciaga. The new range is at 200+. But not sure authenticity.


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        Club21 is selling the limited edition of Balenciaga, the metalic range. Looks Cool! BUt colour a little too shocking!


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          Is it the Club 21 at Paragon? Any idea how much they are selling?


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            Club21 Collectibles is at paragon ,selling luella bags and most of the past seasons clothes at disocunted price. The limited edition of balenciaga bags are sold at Club21Ladies, in the Four Season Hotel. It comes in metallic red, orange and pink and range from classic to bolster sizes. If I'm not wrong, price range is frm $1799 to $2299, depends on the sizes. Some of the range are OOS, since it is already stated limited edition. You can give them a call to ask.


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              Does anyone know if Balenciaga bags, like the Le Dix, are available in Singapore?
              How much do they cost???



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                PrincessImp, I have merged your threads. I believe the answer you're looking for had been posted.

                Btw, I was at the Club21 at Paragon last week, and I saw only the metallic orange and metallic red in mini size. So very cute but can't say the same for the price though. I think it was $1600 or maybe abit more.


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                  Thanks momopeach!

                  I called Club 21 and got myself on the waiting list for the turquoise classique.
                  But I was told that the waiting list is full.... oh man I really
                  hope i can get the classique.....


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                    their clutch is


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                      this look NICE!! any idea hw much is it? available in SG?

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                        This is the black classique in small I think. You can try calling Club21 to see if they have their new shipment.

                        I think it costs at least SGD$1600(?). If you are thinking of the medium it's SGD$2200++ (can't really remember the exact prices)

                        Pls avoid using the 'quote' function when you are replying the post just above. Thanks!
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                          vernis! which shop at level 2 sells it? i saw lookalikes for $49.90 at level 1 RICKS the bag shop... anywhere else sells the lookalikes as well?... since i cant afford the real thing so a lookalike is the next best thing!


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                            the shop is above Subway, facing main road, grade is good thus the price.

                            many small shops/retailers selling between 25 to 80 for a knockoff. the price tells u the standard.

                            Ricks ones are reasonable IMO.


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                              hmm... cheapo me but i feel $200+ is alot to pay even for very good workmanship... anyways which other retailers sell the lookalikes?