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what do you wear with converse?

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  • what do you wear with converse?

    I got my first pair of converse today there pink but what do you wear with them. A friend suggested skinny Jeans?
    What colour? Any advise is helpful, thanks x

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    I go for one of two looks, when wearing those.

    1. A rocker edge to it. Skinny jeans. And if your comfortable, wear a studded belt. You can wear a band shirt. Try to go for something from. The mid to late 80s. Wear your hair either in a high ponytail, or waves down. Don't wear too much jewelry with this one. Stick to earrings and the belt.

    2. A hippy artsy look. Wear a knitted side benny/artsy hat. Try to stick to batik colors when doing this one. Think earthy. Even if your converse are red. It will blend well. Is you do this one don't forget to accessorize! Necklaces are great. A Pearl necklace and earrings. Maybe a gold bracelet.


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      masculine hint

      Is it highcut?
      I like to use converse esp if its highcut as a hint of contrast that ends up real cute.
      Cute skirt plus a statement shirt or even girly blouse, with or without black tights or or socks.then your converse.
      I dont like converse in pink coz it makes the outfit too cute or one dimensional.
      But since its what youve got, its workable.


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        i guess if you're wearing shorts or skirt or jeans, it works fine! (: