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    Hi Everyone, I have 2 of these to giveaway! Worth USD 40

    >>>Details Here<<<

    About Moment Watches
    Moment Watches is a premium brand whose fine range of watch collections offers modern designs, technical precision and distinctive aesthetics that tell a meaningful story. Behind each one of our timepieces there is a story being told. Each story uniquely caters to enhance the wearer's experience and engage the emotions. Each model is painstakingly designed to elicit a positive response, inspiring us to make each moment count.
    Experiences are lost forever unless we remember them, capture them, savour them, share them. Moment Watches want to contribute to these experiences and enable you to pass them on. Moment Watches makes a wonderful gift that will mark special moments forever.

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    Ohh this is a really cool watch ... simply fabulous ... but right now I am in no need of watches as I already have stored many ...