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    Originally posted by Lil_Piggie
    i love it alot cos of the multi colour crystals.. so shiny and sparkly! unfortunately, i lost it when i was jostling in the crowd last christmas....
    same here!! bf got me a swarovski bracelet for my birthday & i lost it a few weeks later thought of replacing it but it was a limited edition piece & no longer available


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      Dewy, I still feel it will make the whole look a little too busy. You want to focus on just one gorgeous piece of accessory. I never wear more than 2 type of accessories, and even then I make sure one of them is really simple. For example diamond studs with a gorgeous bracelet, or chandelier earrings with a simple ring. I never wear both a necklace and a bracelet together. But that's just me, what you wear in the end depends on what you personally like.


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        The SA told me the mobile phone chains are mostly $99 - $120. They are in Rhodium which is a kind of metal better than silver.

        I wonder if the crystals will ever be not-shiny the more it is exposed and wore out.


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          Swarovski jewellery (including the phone strap) are rhodium plated. And no the crystals do not lose their shine. I had my mobile phone strap for about a year and it still looks good.


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            Originally posted by Dewy
            what do u people think of this ring? nice?click here

            nice! but not available at stores here right? i lvoe swarovski. i have about like...10 pieces of their stuff. looking to get more.


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              Speaking of Swarovski jewellery, I just bought this for my sister as a birthday present last month. But it's so pretty I'm tempted to borrow it from her quite often. Heh!

              <img src=''>


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                hi jadeite

       u wear them daily to shower and sleep? cause im those kind who are lazy to take off my jewellery daily and always wear them to shower...

                since its rhodium it shouldnt tarnish much right? unlike silver..

                correct me if i am wrong. thanks!!


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                  The bracelet is so gorgeous!!
                  How much did u pay for it??


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                    i just called them. the ring is SGD $155 and come in 3 sizes, S, M, L :Doh:


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                      babyflite: that bracelet is i like it! the nice pink is so sweet!


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                        I paid $215 for the bracelet. Also comes in clear but the pink is much prettier.

                        Dewy, Swarovski jewellery are costume jewellery, not meant to be worn when sleeping or bathing. I put mine on before I go out and take them off when I get home. Sure you can wear them daily but even though they are rhodium plated, daily wear without removing will wear off the plating really fast and your jewellery will end up tarnishing just like silver.
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                          wow babyflite i'm so tempted to get that bracelet! it's so sweet!

                          hmmm it's quite weird to wear such dressy stuffs to sleep dewy...
                          U might even run the danger of gettin ur face scratch by them!!!


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                            Oh you should definitely get it, it look even prettier on. My sister has been eyeing the bracelet for months but didn't want to pay so much so I decided to get it for her as a birthday pressie.


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                              hmm thanks girls for your advice. perhaps next time i may get their ring.

                              have 1 bracelet from t&co and recently an open heart necklace, now i decided to put a stop to my purchases at t&co.

                              cannot justify the amount paid for silver! argh. if only i discovered this brand earlier.

                              the only good thing about t&co is despite wearing their bracelet daily to shower, it tarnishes very slightly.

                              does swarovski provides polishing services?


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                                Originally posted by babyflite
                                I paid $215 for the bracelet. Also comes in clear but the pink is much prettier.
                                now i'm lemming!

                                but $215 is way out of the way for me. if i have it as a present, i wouldn't mind as well.

                                agree that the jewellery should not be worn everyday. daily tear and wear is not good for the jewellery itself, unless it's stainless steel or some stronger metal.