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  • Slip dresses

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a slip dress not too formal to wear for my friend wedding dinner in May 05.

    Do you guys have any recommendations?

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    For something you can get in Singapore, maybe try Paul & Joe. They do occasionally have some pretty silk slips.

    However if you don't mind buying one online, I highly recommand Little Joe by Gail Elliott silk slips. They're made of this really luxurious, lustrous charmeuse silk that feels almost suede like to the touch and comes in a variety of pretty colours. Seriously after you've felt the silk the she uses, all other silk slips will pale in comparison. You can buy Little Joe on Zodee. It's based in Australia and shipping is very reasonable as they charge you the exact shipping rate.


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      The first slip is very nice & pretty, looks very comfortable.


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        first one.... :wow: !


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          Oh they are very confortable indeed, so soft and slinky. Here's a photo of Jessica Simpson wearing another gorgeous Little Joe by Gail Elliot creation.

          And an article about the line:


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            I LOVE the slips you have posted babyflite!

            Esp the one jessica wore

            But they look like only booby people can pull if off
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              The design that Jessica Simpson wore would definitely look better on the more busty gals who have something to fill the top out but I think the T-lace and the deep V neckline designs should be fine for the less well endowed.


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                babyflite, how did u reduce the image of the photo?? did u resave the image elsewhere?


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                  Yup. The original image was too big so I cropped and resized it using Photoshop and uploaded the photo elsewhere.


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                    I like the first slip dress. The one on Jessica Simpsons looks lovely too. You got me lemming again!