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  • designergoodsonline

    Hi gals,

    I happen to come this website

    Anyone bought anything from there or heard about it before.

    What are the currency they using?

    Are their things authenic?

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    hi, i order 3 gucci bags recently from their website.
    (1 for myself and 2 on behalf of my gfs)

    upon receipt, the bags look perfectly fine and they come with dustbags that look authentic too.

    then, we went to the local gucci boutiques to get the bags verified.

    unfortunately, the sales staff they are unwilling to certify them as authentic, but they did not say that the bags are fake either.

    they gave us the same design to see, feel and compare ourselves.
    to our naked eyes, we feel that the size is different and the material is rougher.

    i spent a bomb sending back all the 3 bags via speedpost and wrote 2-3 emails to the website CS.
    managed to get a full refund in the end, but it was a hassle.

    many girls overseas buy from them and seem to be able to get the bags authenticated.
    so I don't know if it's because SG's stuff are slightly different from overseas stuff, hence the local staff can't tell if the bags are authentic.

    just my


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      Hi Thanks for your advise, The price seems to be very attractive.
      so much cheaper ,if in this case i think i better not try better then i regret later.


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        Hey Autumnheart,

        Sorry to hear about your case.

        My friend also ordered one item from a reputable site, she went to boutique to self-compare without SA's notice. She also discovered the same horror.

        Your case will serve a good tip to everyone.

        Hope you all have 'recovered'


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          I heard there are really factories licensed to produce branded products. Dior is one such example. I bought a dior wallet from an online company and brought it to verify. The manager told me that it seems authentic and the workmanship is slightly off. She was very nice but she's unable to write any authentication letter. ANyway, she told me that it's best to get one from boutique whether Dior or prada cos u can always send it back for servicing or cleaning unlike the case when you purchase from such websites.