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  • Polished and Immaculate

    I'm 21 this year.
    but my bf and friends often comment that I dress like I'm still in JC.
    I have no idea how to 'look my age'.

    I tend to wear denim skirts, with a tee and my Birkis when I'm off to school. When I'm going town, I'll try to be dressier and wear a tank top instead of a tee.
    Yet, i still look 'sloppy' when i stand together with my friends.

    I need some fashion advice here.
    How do you girls dress to look polished and immaculate?

    What are the few items I must have in my wardrode?
    and what do I have to chuck?

    I cant change my entire wardrode at one shot. it's expensive to do that

    Really appreciate your replies!!

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    Hi elita, haha what's wrong with wearing denim skirts & tees & tanks, when u're still a student? 21 imo is still young, u're still in school, u'll have plenty of chance to dress up and look more immaculate once u start work. just my Anyway...

    Hmm, dun know if i could help much here, cos i need a bit of help myself. Even after startin work i still haven't really 'polished' up my look. Maybe more of smart casual, but not 'formal' look yet. Cos not in managerial position, small fry only.

    For a start, invest in a pretty but smart looking bag and also nice heels. They can definitely spice up an otherwise plain looking outfit. I love denim skirts as they're really versatile for casuals. U can glamorous the look by matching the denim skirts with nice dressy tops (like lacy camis), instead of the usual tee shirt material tops. Go for tops with good cutting, and make sure the denim skirts have an appropriate cutting to match the more polished tops. Result=a more polished look without looking too formal.

    On top of that, add a little makeup or do something with yr hair.

    P/s: Above is just a rough guide with some examples as I don't exactly know what kind of immaculate look u're looking for. Sweet/chic/funky/classy/etc..