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How to wash beaded camisoles w/o damaging them?

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  • How to wash beaded camisoles w/o damaging them?

    As above!

    Can I just put them into a net and dump them into the washing machine OR should i handwash in cold water?

    Which is safer??

    BTW, if i were to dump them into the washing machine, any special instructions to take note of?

    Dry-cleaning is too expensive for me as I have loads of such fragile camisoles.


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    turn your clothes over, into the net and dump into thw washing machine if you're lazy. hand wash would be safer though.


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      Hand wash is definately better, turn it inside out and avoid the sequinned parts... don't trust washing machine with those.


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        Turn them inside-out and place them in a laundry net. Get those laundry net which have finer mesh size (the "wholes" on the net are smaller). I feel that this is better for fragile clothings. Oh, and use the gentle cycle on your washer for this load too


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          I usually just turn them inside-out and handwash them gently.


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            I usually hand wash them, don't trust washing machine and wouldn't want to risk it


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              It depends on which material your camisole is and the amount of beading. For cotton ones with minimal beading, turn inside out and put in a laundry net. Also make sure you use the gentle cycle. For silk ones or those with more beading, you should hand wash them gently. Although be very careful with silk, use a mild detergent that's specially for delicates. Also certain silk can shrink up to 10% on contact with water so make sure you check the care label.


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                Wow!! Didn't know that it was such hard work to get our pretty camis cleaned... lol!

                I think I shall hand wash with cold water and leave the rest to my mom....


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                  Yeah delicate clothes tend to need more care. I've got heaps of delicate silk camis, both with and without beading and it's such a hassle washing them each time. Hand washing is meant to be better for your clothes in the long run compared to dry cleaning though, coz the chemicals used in dry cleaning can weaken the fabric plus your clothes actually don't get that clean.

                  Oh yeah one last thing, when hand washing silk camis, add a little white vinegar to the second last rinse. This helps get rid of the last bit of detergent as well as maintain the lustre of the silk. Then rinse one final time in cool water.