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  • Heroic rendezvous - from HK

    Hiro girls,

    saw this week's "you magazine" recommending this sweet girl character.. apparently its from HK. i find it so cute and adorable however, their stuffs are quite expensive.. .. around $50.00 for a tee if you order online..

    anyone bought it before? or have the same lemmings as me?

    by the way here is their website:

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    They have a retail shop in Singapore, just beside Coffee Club in Wisma.


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      i expected this brand to look loud and weird when i saw the brand name.. but the stuff sold on the website looks so cutesy and sweet


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        Originally posted by daphnee
        They have a retail shop in Singapore, just beside Coffee Club in Wisma.
        Think the photo in the magazine of the shop is at Wisma..they are selling a tee for $63.00..its too steep..but its really sweet..

        Think i shall go check out the shop during the weekends.. ..

        Hopefuly i won't end up getting something..


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          I bought a few tees and pouches frm the shop in wisma. They have got really sweet stuff. the price is a little ex though but the materialz great


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            Wow xgirl, a few tees must have cost alot..may i know whats your damage like? tempted..


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              Wisma's outlet has been having 40% off selected items for awhile. Fans can go see.

              i am a fan, a cheapskate one, my collection are from HK roadside stalls, as well as Watsons for their mineral water bottles.


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                eh so interesting, this character is so popular in HK that they even have pictures on mineral bottles?just like what we have for Qoo in Singapore..

                40% sale??!!!ooo..i this sale and this piece of good news..going to check out after my hair cut this weekend..then can be a cute girl with my cute new top..keke.. ..

                Oops too old to be cute already..


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                  me also not young

                  i will hunt for their tees whenever possible.
                  but i never bought those Lian'ish pink tees from FEP. their characters are all distorted!!

                  i can't afford their real stuff. my cheapest is a tee at HKD10 from HK Central's roadside stall.

                  I like Ado-chan too. So i hunt for their tees at the same time.


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                    have been eyeing their stuff for quite a long time already!

                    but then, i can't bear to get a tee for such a steep rate! mum's gonna skin me if she knows that i spend a bomb on a tee!

                    40% off mamasan? really? i think i *may* go see tonight when i'm in town.


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                      if closed already, i wear my S$2.40 roadside tee on Fri show u ah!!!


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                        chiri no money to buy mamasan still wants to wear fake tee to show chiri? hahaha! mamasan very terrible!


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                          I love their no-auntie-vernis, I also got from the "cheong" tee at Nu Ren Jie when I went HK few years back....

                          40%!?!? :bye:

                          "cheong" means fake


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                            Argh, so sweet!


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                              hey girls,what are the prices like after 40%?Anybody knows? thanks!