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Sole Attraction .. *new stocks just arrive*

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  • Sole Attraction .. *new stocks just arrive*

    helloo girls .. my buddy just send me news that their new stocks have arrived. Also, their website's up have fun and hope you find good bargains!
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    Pretty lovely! Is it a online shop or something? How are the pricing like?


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      My best friend is opening a shop at bugis village, you know the outdoor market opposite bugis junction? So he let me have preview of his shoes stock that he just brought in. prices should around 10+ to 20 bucks depending on the design.

      hey does anyone with feet sizes of 8 and 9 have problems getting shoes specifically from HK, Korea or Thailand? saw alot of nice shoes but they just don't seem to have big feeted women there .. sigh.


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          welcome to the club!! hehhe you know i went to taiwan on business trip so sad. my gf who tag along bought like more than 6 pairs of shoes merrily cos she's a size 6 or 7. I can only watch ..

          ok .. if got bigger size shoe stock come in i'll let you girls know once the website is up, i'll get my buddy to keep a database of big-feet-size email contacts.


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            i am keen if confirmed the HK/China pumps are capped at S$20 max, cheaper than what i pay for now.

            Thanks so much!!!


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              I find some of the designs nice and trendy.

              Is the quality good too? I like buying new shoes but i just hate having to plaster my toes and heels each time i wear a new one out.


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                vernis .. my buddy brought in all those shoes from thailand. but somehow the designs (like the tweeds) look like what HK suppliers have as well. since this is just the beginning, designs are limited. but they are going back for second round stock replenishment and also .. me the "ebil" one have been trying to psycho him and his partner to go china and hk to get stocks as well.

                if you gals see anything you like in magazines or in market trends, let me know? i can pass them pictures or lemmings to him and they can go and try source for it? as it is, i'm for not bringing in big sizes. Trying to educate him that singaporean women are not all petite sizes.


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                  Thanks so much, u are right, i am more keen on ROChina ones . Korean-made ones are fine too.

                  Heee..... I am paying btw 18 to 22 for ROChina ones now.


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                    OT here. but if i'm a size 38 for x:odus ballet pumps, what local size am i?


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                      the sensini range looks good to me. where are they from & what's the price range?


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                        DMK sells similar ones, the thongs ones right?


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                          lurvekissez: i think that's a size 7 and the shoes are from thailand.

                          vernis: i checked with my buddy on their price range... its between $17.90 - $24.90. not much help to your wallet i guess

                          ponine: quality IMHO is about the same as charles & keith for thongs. pumps .. i think can compare with mondo / heatwave. as for comfort-level, no idea for me cause i couldn't get my size. another gfren bought the sandals-wedge pair. I'll check with her few days later see if she has any review.
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                            You mean for HK shoes??

                            last time i got from a shoe importer, made me paid up to $28 for full leather ones but i must admit hers are rare finds. now anything below $25 is ok for me.

                            the tweeds are nice but i stop tweeding after 3 pairs..... but the tweed sandals are so....

                            Keep us posted!! TIA!!


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                              vernis: the price range i just posted before were meant for the shoes he bought in. oh he did ask me to tell you girls .. buy more got discount

                              hk and other locations i guess got to wait awhile more heeee. i saw the tweed open toe slip-ins and were :wow: at them cos the pink one was very very nice. but cause he only bring in 5, 6 and 7 i him. now lemming the other tweed pink pumps hehehe .. you girls want the direction to the shop? it's open everyday till 10pm I think? safer to try 9.30pm.

                              bugis junction seiyu exit / taxi stand. cross the road, when you see BK go into the market and walk straight till you come to the main intersection, walk another 10 steps to an overhead signage that says "More Shops on the Left".

                              Turn left to go into the passage way, go straight and there will be toilets on the right..walk a little bit more and turn into first passage on the right. His shop is the 3rd one on the right hand side. it's the only shoe shop around that passage anyways.

                              It sounds complicated but enjoy shopping while searching. this place is becoming more and more like a mini version of Chatuchak. Though the occupancy rate is 100% not all shops are opened yet but pretty soon i think they will be