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    anyone heard of this spanish illustrator?

    you might have come across his range of notebooks and stationery items at taka or borders... quite pricey but i absolutely <b><font color=ff3399>adore</b></font> some of his creations... one of my favourite illustrators... supposedly very popular in the european countries.

    i sometimes go broke collecting his range of notebooks but i always get comments whenever i whip my notebook out from my document bag at work or meetings

    check out his collection:
    <b>jordi labanda items</b>

    so anyone else collects his notebooks?

    <b>more about jordi labanda</b>

    - crazygirl

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    me me!!
    I like such designs.... those pop art kind... very nice!!

    I really liked the babe notebook in hardcover but on my 2nd trip down to Taka... it was SOLD OUT already!!

    Everytime Im at that section of Taka, my friends have to tear me away from there... lol .... Cus i can't stop oohing and aahhing over the cute stuff!!


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      yes i have heard of this too! The range at taka is great! It initially used to be at Borders bookstore but i think they moved on to taka.
      The notebooks are really pretty!
      They sorta remind me of Stila's designs but with more style and flair.


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        oh gosh! i really really Jordi's stuff!

        it was SO who introduced me to this brand he buys them in Australia or whenever he's in the US. I will always get a Jordi on top of other x'mas pressies from him every counting i have close to a dozen Jordi pens, stacks of various big/small journals, some small pouches and a big bag

        he even got me a staff's tee when he happened to be at one of Jordi's new design launch about 2 years back. It's a plain white t-shirt with black cursive Jordi across the back and the dot for the letter i is replaced by a red crystal. he had bribed the girl with a US$50 bill in exchange


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          Jordi's stuff sure is expensive here in SG! but yes got to agree the stuff is amazing..


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            may i know where in taka can i get this? think SO will love them


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              Originally posted by lumos
              may i know where in taka can i get this? think SO will love them
              erm should be taka level one...
              The same level as the Mac, KFC and ProjectShopBloodBros and A|X....

              It's infront of the sigg water bottles counter....

              Beside it is this softtoy stand with doe-eyed toys that look like this :


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                wow lucky girl hylifax! your SO is so nice to get you all those jordi's stuff from all over the world even that exclusive staff t-shirt!! wow! not to mention all these must have cost quite a bit i'd love to get the pens too.. but didn't seem to find them in singapore... do you know where does your SO get them in US? which store/ shop?

                yup yup stilafaux, jordi labanda's range "originated" from borders... my first notebook was bought from borders about 2-3 years ago, but it's a little bit more expensive at borders, so I always just check out taka nowadays. aside from the stacks of notebooks, i recently just added 3 new items to my collection - the swarovski crystal journals. these come in address book or plain paper selection... adorned by small little crystal bits... let me see if i can find a picture somewhere...

                <font color=6666cc>ok here they are aren't they pretty?
                the covers are made of cloth instead of the usual laminated cardboard paper... very cool </font>

                interesting that stilafaux pointed out the resemblance to stila cosmetics icon girls... (i happen to be a <font color=cc66cc><b>BIG FAN</b></font> of stila too so girly... guess that's how all these marketeers squeeze every single cent out of our hard earned money with their <font color=ff3399>oh-so-pretty-irresistably-cute products</font>

                angelique's description of direction to the jordi labanda section at taka is so cute i think that's at taka <b>basement 1</b> cuz it's still below the ground floor. so lumos, did you manage to find it?

                happy to see fellow jordi labanda fans around here too!

                - crazygirl
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                  thanks angelique and crazygirl, have not made my way down to take just yet, will probably pop by this week, will make a nice surprise for SO


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                    hi crazygirl

                    hehe, yes yes i'm a very lucky girl
                    Jordi's stationery are not available locally. The nearest place to get them is in Sydney.

                    I believe my SO got them at various stationers mostly in New York. Actually, you can find Jordi at those chic bookstores along 6th Avenue. The Borders at Broadway and Park Avenue carries some Jordi too. hth!


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                      ok thanks hylifax! will get my friend in US to check it out for me.

                      - crazygirl


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                        Does anyone know where I can find some nice soft cover notebooks/journals? Besides level 1 of taka and borders, where else can i find some? thanks.


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                          check out citylink mall. there are 2 shops that sells pretty funky notebooks. one's next door to GNC and the other is near the Marina Square exit


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                            Jordi Labanda

                            i simply adores jordilabanda's items..

                            so chic, so nice... urgh...

                            I try buying their items from other webby, can a closer look and realise that it look different from the one post at the official webby.

                            anyone know whereelse i can get it?



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                              Takashimaya carries the range as well. But more of stationery. Also check out eBay. Stuff are cheaper on eBay.