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  • Pink Church

    Just purchase a pink church bag from rougeonline. Love the colour!! It is so pink! Any Pink Church lover out there?

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    There's lot more in their website.... but i wonder how should i purchase..


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      i the 2nd clutch you posted. was close to getting the pink/pink or the pink/green but i realised that it's not that secure.

      the clutch's only closed by a magnetic buckle. i throw my stuff all around the place so i'm really afraid something's going to drop out & i wouldn't realise it


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        ya the 2nd one is available in rougeonline. but i prefer the one with the butterflies.


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          I love their colours! its so bright and lively!

          but i cant find any local online stores that sells their series except rougeonline and even so their designs they sell are so limited..

          wonder if there is anywhere is sg that holds this brand.. :roll: :roll:


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            hey babes,

            rougeonline is the exclusive distributor for pink church in singapore and malaysia. i think Fling at heeren do carry pink church stuff, if i'm not wrong. hths!


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              thanks sabsay! will drop by fling soon.


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                i just ordered this.. nice?


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                  rougeonline just have new arrivals!! go check it out!! its all pink church bags! i saw the real bags at small black flower today!!


                  the bag you buy is fab!! its nice. i saw one at sbf earlier on.


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                    wow i love their colourful wristlets... but too bad rougeonline doesn't bring them in.....

                    where's sbf? are they selling cheaper than rougeonline??


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                      supp , the pink bag u bot is sooooooooo cute!!


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                        forgot to check the pricing.. haha..

                        sbf is located in far east plaza.. erm.. walk up the very last escalator (the one that is next to the.. "parallel marketing" branded store) go to the 3rd floor and turn left you will be able to see sbf = small black flower. it is a very very small shop.


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                          thanks hyo!

                          but hardly got any chances of using it becoz i'm practically working almost everyday.

                          bought it 2 weeks back and i only use it once.

                          but rougeonline brought in other colours you can go take a look. the black with pink one is quite nice!
                          Last edited by Supp; 22-03-2005, 11:09 PM.


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                            erm...sidetrack a bit. do you girls ever received any new arrivals emails from rouge? i signed up twice and never receive anything.

                            what's the use of a mailing list when i don't get inform at all.


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                              supp is the bag big IRL?

                              i prefer the ones with the animal prints, the new ones look boring.