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Wash before you wear?

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  • Wash before you wear?

    What would you do with your newly bought apparels? Wash it first before you wear or Wear it in the very original state before you wash?

    For me, it really depends on whether am i lazy or not I've learn from my uncle from GAP and also some people working in the garments factory that they do step on the clothes barefoot before packing it. So the apparels are often unclean, always lying on the floor around the factory.

    If i need the garment urgently, i will not wash it, and awfully...i will put it on just like that. But it seems that i am also urgent for very apparels!! Except for undergarments!

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    In this case, I'm always urgent for my clothings!
    It depends on situations, I say. Most of the times, if clothings are packed in plastic, I assume they are okie, but now you brought it up, Jess... its still under people's hands before they are packed. I almost forgot this point!


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      eh, me too! also 'urgent' in this case...hehe

      just have to wear it as 'brand new'...

      just feel that the piece is no longer 'brand new' after the first wash?!


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        , you are funny, girl!!! haha, yes! After 1st wash, no more "brand new" ya ?


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          will wash regardless how 'urgent' i need to put it on....

          i have visited garment factories before..... :Doh: better to wash 1st ah.


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            -edited to delete, already smash myself, but seems like i am not entitled to my opinion, oh well-


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              i always wash new apparel before wearing them; brand new or fresh out of a plastic bag coz you never know if they have been tried on or not. sometimes, i have seen those SA put the apparel back into the plastic bags, neatly and nicely folded so you never know.


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                Originally posted by bee
                Ya, heard of horror stories that the seamstress will use the cloth to wipe off their pespiration. Therefore, as far as possible, I will try to wash before I wear them.

                Also, if you noticed, some of the Mango outfits are made in India and Bangaldesh (don't know spelling, sorry), so better wash them!! Sorry, if I sound like a racist myself.
                Well, really, if you realise it sounds racist, why do you still make the statement? :huh: If you ask me, perspiration is equally icky whether it's Indian, Chinese, or European.

                I usually, but not always, wash before first wear. But after reading this thread, I think I always will! (with the possible exception of dryclean-only items)


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                  I had seen what they do during packing in garment factories before. Even if I have not, I will always wash them before I wear it!


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                    i will always wash before i wear it..
                    i cant stand the smell of new clothes!
                    and dont know if's "xing li zhuo yong" i always feel very itchy whenever i wear new clothes w/o washing


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                      oh gosh.. i should have listened to my mummy and washed all new clothes before wearing them..

                      oh boy..


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                        and since we're on this topic... may i ask..

                        how should one go about washing bras?

                        what's the best method?


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                          i dont wash before i wear. Because sometimes...the clothes do shrink or expand after washing...and the style and fit is no longer the same! So in the end i will end up wearing my new clothes only once as it does not fit me anymore.....

                          If i wash it first...i probably won't get to wear it even once


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                            wash before wear.

                            except for bras - dont know why i dont wash! eeks. i keep thinking that they're new and clean because people cant try underwear. but while i was typing this post, i suddenly realised that people CAN try bras!



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                              i wash everything before i wear them

                              my mom's friend said that it is very common for workers in garment factories to sneeze or wipe their mouths etc on the clothes they are sewing.