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  • Retro VS Vintage

    retro is back, what about vintage? :huh:

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    i reckon vintage is in now, retro is out!


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      i thought vintage is current, retro returning??

      thinking of stocking up pucci-inspired stuff


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        Hmmm, I thought vintage is less than 100 years old and retro is just a name for a certain trend or period??


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          Originally posted by Glossie
          Both are similar to me. Sooner or later, retro will become vintage. And I thought vintage has never gone away? I'm clueless

          Jing, I thought so too
          Retro is pretty like the 80's stuff and vintage includes slightly gothic stuff and things way before the 80's

          Gosh. Now I seem to be getting nowhere.

          This is definitely a good thread to discuss!


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            retro is all about 'fooling' (playing ) with certain prints and vintage is more like a very overall aged feeling??

            AHHhh!! anyone can enlighten me?


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              retro refers to styles of the last 20-30 years? while vintage extends far longer than that? vintage fashion lasts and lasts... designers are always looking to the past to get inspiration for their present collection... I love vintage!


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                to me, 'retro' refers to the retro 70s lookin top means the design reflects 70s era but top may be brand new.

                to be termed 'vintage', stuff must be of a certain age? eg. vintage 70s dress means the dress was really produced in the 70s.


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                  i've always loved vintage.

                  in fact when i ordered in vintage jewellery aka antique jewellery, it HAD to be at least 100 years old or it's not considered vintage and then sales tax will apply (i'm talking SG only, not sure about other coutries)

                  here are a few sites you might find interesting on vintage fashions etc





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                    sharon, thanks for the very informative sites!


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                      Sharon those sites are great! I am loving many many vintage pieces there.


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                        I love vintage!!


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                          very nice sites you've posted.
                          informative too *thumbs up*

                          i thought retro and vintage were the same hehe
                          now i get it..

                          i like retro stuffs.
                          especially those polkie dotted and lacy stuffs.

                          vintage are probably those old school style by adidas


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                            i prefer vintage to retro.


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                              I love vintage fashion that is not over the top. Like detailed beadings or lacing pair with plain blue jeans and boots.

                              OT, those links that sharon gave with 18th century vintage are pretty scary looking. I can't help feeling the creeps when i see those really really ancient vintage dresses.