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  • Support for the flat-chested

    Yup, I'm so flat-chested, I can only fit into Triumph "BeeDees" bras, and even then only as an A.
    They're not sold in Australia, and there's nothing similar in the aussie market for such flat girls like me. Just bras that I can fill only if I stuff them

    Cotters who have a similar build- what bras do you recommend that will fit?
    I do Not mean sweaterGirl type bras that have so much padding you look like you've got rocks on your chest, just a natural fit, no padding.

    I'm primarily after a supportive softcup, cotton bra, but anything that can be filled will do too.
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    Hey you're like me!!

    LOL I ain't any bra expert though so will be looking out for recommendations on this thread too!


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      I'm glad I'm not the only one- there's not much choice out there at all is there *sigh*
      When I find a bra that fits, I tend to buy in bulk

      I've found that a few Calvin Klein bras fit, but they don't offer much in the way of support, plus they're overly expensive:

      I found something similar to the first CK bra by Formfit that was on discount at a factory outlet, but the mesh sags overtime, so very little in the way of support or staying power. Oroton also made something very similar, but with lace frilled edges and just as expensive.

      And that's all that I've found.
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