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    yo girls,

    do y'all happen to know of any thrift stores apart from the salvation army? i'm dying to get some granny dresses and kitschy skirts

    i <3 these places so much coz i've gotten real cool stuff for a dime = )


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    babes... which salvation army thrift store do you head to? is the one at upper serangoon any good?


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      yo, i frequent the upper sgn one coz it's near my place. it's fairly good! i've picked up lotsa great buys there. which ones have u been to? my friend says the bukit timah one is well-stocked with really cool things. it's probably to cater to the rich folks living there who want a bargain once in a while? lol

      i was at the little india one yesterday and they have such great stuff! i'm heading back there today to pay for my reserved things.. and maybe find more vintage togs coz i had pressed for time yesterday. will post pics of my finds later! = )

      thrifting has made me wean off mango and zara


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        Found these fr the net fr anyone of you are interested:-

        Family Thrift Stores

        1) 309 Upper Serangoon Road
        Singapore 347693
        Telephone: 6288 5438

        2) 500 Upper Bukit Timah Road
        Singapore 678106
        Telephone: 6349 5333

        3) 7 Upper Changi Road
        Singapore 507705
        Telephone: 6546 0309

        4) Blk 4 Changi Village
        #01-2078 Singapore 500004
        Telephone: 6545 5722

        5) Jalan Bukit Merah
        Blk 133 #01-1530 Singapore 160133
        Telephone: 6275 5877

        6) 67 Kerbau Road
        Singapore 219189
        Telephone: 6294 6903


        Good place for bargain hunters or anyone who has no qualms for used stuff and anyone with eagle sharpness in digging that treasure from heaps and piles of items. I think can even find stuff still brand new with tags. Clothes aside, they do have furniture, household products, retro display, shoes, bags etc. All you need is lotsa luck and patience.

        Have fun !


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          thanks for your effort vel! but i was looking for thrift stores other than sal army * )


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            there's 1 shop at arab street next to zam zam i believe... sells 2nd hand clothes from japan? thats what i can remember from my days at NAFA.... but you'll have to dig for the good buys though...


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              Metta, I'm sure you are already familiar with those Salvation Army thrift stores. Those for the benefits of other cotters. =)

              You know Albert / Queen's Street area? near God of Mercy temple and OG Bugis => Cheng Yan Place.

              There's a complex that house a food centre and wet market on the ground floor, dried foodstuff and shampoo shops on the 2nd, and on the 3rd floor, some of the shops sell used jeans and tees. I used to frequent there during my tertiary days. There's also a shop at a corner that make bags out of denim fabric.
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                Originally posted by Lola
                there's 1 shop at arab street next to zam zam i believe... sells 2nd hand clothes from japan? thats what i can remember from my days at NAFA.... but you'll have to dig for the good buys though...
                Here's the details of zam zam if any of you are asking...

                Singapore Zam Zam Rstnt Category : Restaurants-Malay/Indonesian
                Address : 697/699 North Bridge Rd Singapore 198675
                Telephone : 6298 6320


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                  I believe MINDs at Margaret Drive also has a thrift shop.


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                    Welcome to CC, Poopoo! Do tell us a lil about yourself in the newbie thread in CozyLounge soon!

                    Lola -> That shop beside Zam Zam sells lotsa old jeans, eh? More a men's shop, no? I'm hungry now


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                      the girls stuff is rite inside... and apparently everyday they have new stuff... its so packed with clothes inside you will have to have the patience to search through all to find 1 or 2 items you like...


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                        vel, u're the BEST!!! -muacks-

                        lola, i'll be sure to check that place out one of these days. thank u mucho!


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                          what are the opening hours of these thift shops??

                          after seeing sephirias buys, i am so tempted to go down and search for great buys!
                          The salvation army at bishan dont have a thrift shop there is it?


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                            nope the one at bishan doesnt have a thrift store... no operation hours are stated so i guess have to call them up and check...


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                              thanks lola!

                              will give them a call after my exams! oh boy i cant wait!