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    Hi all, I got onto the train the other day and saw a girl flipping through a magazine full of various range of bags. It looks like either korean or japanese version. Does anyone know where I can get a copy?

    Felt like approaching the girl but was too shy to do so. I regret it so much now.. hope someone out there can provide informations on the available magazines with regards to BAGS..

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    Are u refering Branded bags show on the magazine?



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      Kinokuniya Japanese magazines section.


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        Or I think the Chinese book section also have


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          the Chinese section ones are majority from Taiwan & some from HK.

          they move slower than those Jap ones but their compilation quite comprehensive too


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            Hey pals! i'm so overjoyed there's great response and assistance given. Thanks Thanks

            scrambyjess, it's not advertising the bag shows, its really the pictures of many many types of bags, and i saw that there's the order codes. Just imagine it's a whole book of the plenty type of bags!

            I will try to source at Kinukuniya like what saresha suggested. And if possible I may try the Chinese section like what teiko mentioned.

            rest assure i will update here


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              Happy Hunting!!!

              They are usually segregated into brands, seasons, releases, year (Yearbook) or mixture of various leading brands.

              Take note of the pricing, some are shown with 2nd hand purchases from dealers.