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  • Repair / Alterations for Bags

    Does anyone know of any shops that does repair/amendment of handbag straps?

    My handbag straps are too long & I want it shortened. Appreciate any help.

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    If it's leather strap, I think you can get it done at some shoe repair store. I remember seeing the store did some handbags' leather straps alteration. HTHs.


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      Shortening of strap for sling bags

      Hi ladies, i've just gotten a sling bag but the strap is a wee bit too long for my short frame and unfortunately, it is also the non-adjustable kind where it is just one length of strap over. Hence, does anyone know of any service that actually shortens the length of such straps?

      I remember hearing a SA mention something about recommending someone who does shorten the straps but i can't remember where the SA is from or who the SA if referring to. Anyone knows?


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        Check out this company! It's a reputable and long-established company.
        Hope it solves your bag woes.

        Mirrco Shoe & Handbag Repair Service
        #01-09, SINGAPORE 188975
        TEL : 65-6339 7316
        EMAIL : [email protected]
        Mon.~Fri :
        9:00 am - 7:00 pm

        Sat :
        9:00 am - 6:00 pm

        Sunday & Public Holiday closed


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          Thanks CaramelGirl!


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            Bag Maintenance

            Anyone know where one can go to get a broken handle of a bag fixed? I have 3 bags with broken handles just because i carry so much stuff all the time


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              there are 2 bag repair shops at far east plaza. one of them is.. 'shukey' i think! =) i heard they are both equally good.


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                ya.. 'shukey' at far east plaza is quite gd. my bag strap is fastened by the type of buttons like jeans' button. it just fell off. the guy fixed it for me at no cost. LOL.
                probably coz my bf also did 2 jeans' buttons at te same time.
                nice guys.


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                  Quoted from another thread:

                  Originally posted by wivinia View Post
                  the article creepcake mentioned

                  Mr Fix-it

                  Bag doctors can fix almost anything, from a torn lining to a broken zipper. They can also clean, polish and dye your bags.

                  LE SHINE

                  02-75 Far East Plaza, tel: 6735-5266

                  Lining replacement (from $70 for a fabric lining), buckle replacement (from $10), polishing (from $35), stitching (from $10), zipper replacement ($40 for whole zip)


                  01-09 Bylands Building, tel: 6339-7316

                  Polishing (from $4), zipper replacement (from $10) and stitching loose straps ($5)

                  SHO-KII JUNCTION

                  Block 117 Toa Payoh Central, 01-120, and B1-03 Causeway Point,

                  tel: 6353-8316

                  Basic repairs such as shortening handles (from $ , buckle replacement (from $15) and mending tears (from $ . Elaborate repair jobs will be out-sourced to a factory


                  03-05 Far East Plaza, tel: 6733-3597

                  Lining replacement (from $60 for a leather lining), polishing and cleaning (from $40) and dyeing bags (from $100)


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                    Help! My handle broke...

                    Hi ladies, not too sure if you encounter the same problem as I do.

                    I often find that my bag straps / handles give way after a while. Like recently, I got a bag from FEP which I loved alot. And its not cheap for a bag from FEP (cost almost 80 bucks) but after a few carries, with some heavy stuffs, there are cracks on the sides of the handles. Seems like the handles are giving way and I cannot bear to throw my bag away cuz its my favourite by far.

                    Any remedies, or is there any shop where I can buy/mend the bag handles? Mine are interchange-able...


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                      Where can I change handbag leather strap?

                      hi, bought a handbag recently but the leather strap was damaged during storage.

                      does anybody know where can i get it changed? thanks!


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                        hi hi if for cleaning, pls go to le shine at far east plaza.


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                          LE SHINE

                          02-75 Far East Plaza
                          Contact: 67355266


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                            Originally posted by adeliciouss View Post

                            LE SHINE

                            02-75 Far East Plaza
                            Contact: 67355266
                            yeah recommended! the leather care lotion is great too.


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                              my longchamp bag has a huge cut(i got pickpocketed!) and im looking for a good bag repair shop to mend the super huge cut hole. any recommendations?