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  • Good tailor for men

    Any good recommendation? I am looking for one that can do up MTM and do up a decent and fashionable shirt and pants for man, some of these tailor are very old fashion

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    my friend's brother goes to this tailor in peninsular plaza for his MTM shirts. not cheap tho, average $80 or so.
    but the fabric looks good and so far the handiwork is not bad


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      i think that's at excelsior hotel 3rd level called men's traditional
      price hagging allowed, but keep to a minimum

      or can try oxford tailor 4th level at UOB centre


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        doesn't sound like it. it was the basement level of one of those buildings in that area.....

        oxford tailor does good stuff for women too. bf's colleagues get their shirts done there.


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          oh then it's different shop i think

          for the one at excelsior the price for pants is abt 90 bucks, shirt 60 bucks depends on material.

          the tailor is slim so he likes to do pants low waist. just ask him to make it "normal" will do.


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            I am scare to go to those tailor who do stuff that comes out old fashion and make him look like a uncle


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              well i can tell you my bf's brother and his colleages are NOT old fashioned nor 'uncle-y'


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                How about CYC???


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                  There is this shop at Peninsula plaza, 3rd floor call Personality. Its not very cheap, but the owner Eric had a wide range of materials and the workmanship is pretty good.

                  Popular with the nearby office crowd. You can try it.


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                    Originally posted by Chibibambi
                    How about CYC???
                    i second CYC. they are pretty good, great CS as well. Price is usually >100 per shirt though. If you are regular you will get some discount, and sometimes they have special offers ranging from 80+ which they will inform regular customers by SMS.

                    IMO not uncle at all


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                      Tailor for men's shirts and suits


                      Any recommendations for the above? Please give me the location of the shop, the tailor's name, the number and the price range.

                      Appreciate your contribution!!