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  • my flat in london by Jan Haedrich

    saw on the chinese TV programme on channel 8 last night @ 8pm, "pretty woman" (xiang de mie) -- hosts: fiona xie + kim ng.

    they featured a neat shop in FORUM selling high-end handbags. there was this pink poodle puppy handbag that's soooo cute! i searched the web and found the site for that brand... check out it out! sooo chic & cool (but pricey of course)!

    my flat in london

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    i watched too.. their bags are so unique!!


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      Oh yea...watched that last night.
      apparently, this brand is common in the states...
      i relate it to Juicy Couture


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        I watched the programme yesterday too. They said "my flat in london" is their most popular range. I like the bag Kim chose as her favourite. Their bags are expensive, the cheapest one range from $100-200++.


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          I find this programme more interesting than the shopping programme hosted by Bryan Wong & Pat Mok.

          So, Colette is doing so well that they have a new shop in Forum? I missed the address part. No wonder the shop looks bigger than the one at Scotts.

          I eyed a few bags inside there and I like the wristlet that Fiona Xie said was her fave. One ring - so many pouches.


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            I saw the show too.. loved the dog-shaped bag they featured!!!

            But my.. it's so expensive. $200++ for a cute-looking bag ? Hmm..


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              I love the pink doggy to death .. though I might not get a chance to use it ..


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                I didn't catch the programme!

                Thanks for the link. Their accessories look good! Where's the shop located at the Forum?


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                  Oh, oh, and I love the earrings that Fiona wore when she was at the bags store. I couldn't stop staring at it.


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                    Ya..watched the program too.

                    Lovely bags, pricey though
                    but i am keen on the bag fiona chose....multi purpose


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                      i like the doggie ringed-clutches fiona xie chose too. it's an interesting programme, first time i watched it last night (was it 1st episode?)

                      the programme said the shop's located @ "fu lin guang chang"... didn't state the english name of the mall, i checked with my dad, he said it's FORUM. sorry i didn't catch the name of the shop nor the unit number... maybe someone who knows can update us?

                      lovely exquisite bags.... good if you are in the spendthrift mood


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                        The shop name is called colette. Didn't catch the unit number.


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                          I must be the most silly girl here. For a minute, i thought Celest was sharing pics of her flat in london. LoL! Then, i saw it's in the cozyaccessories thread. Heee..... erm... didn't watch the prog yday. I'm addicted to the net, not the tv box.

                          Heee... but their bags are really nice, very princessy and tai-taish. Like the Argle collection and the Her Majestic's Bee collection. Nice!!!


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                            LOL... vel, i wish! you funny....
                            ok, next time if i really get a flat in london (or more likely US), i'll share the pics. with you

                            my flat in london is only 1 of the brands the local shop colette carries. most of her other bags are equally exquisite and pricey. i suspect she may also carry some biru bags that babyflite always tempts us with must go take a look some day.

                            btw vel, what does "3 days until i found love" in your countdown ticker mean?
                            Last edited by crazygirl; 30-06-2005, 04:13 PM.


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                              erm.. i'm going away to look for love. Heeee....