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  • Allure

    Ever heard of this local brand : allure

    I love the colours and fabrics of allure and i like the simplicity of the clothes... they can be found at tangs on the second level.

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    Of course, there is a shop at city hall too. I mean raffles city. Their clothes are simple with a unique twist. But can be rather costly too. Material not too bad. I bought a cardi set from there a few years back and I am still wearing it for work. Unlike some other brands once and the material seems so old. haha.

    I always go in to take a look at their dresses and skirts. So pretty. I like.


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      oh ya, they have a store at raffles city but they sell more of like cocktail dresses and do they have the same range as tangs? its been some time since i step into the store at raffles city.

      i agree that their clothes are very simple yet with a twist and i like thecolour combinations and the choice of fabric that go with the colours and theme. i bought a black skirt early this year... very nice fabric and it has got a bit of red flowers and yet its like a bit of east and western mixture.... and i did not regret buying it cos they always change the design of clothes and do not carry the same thing again. so i'm glad i bought it. the clothes seems to give a little elegance and smartness. its a bit liek country road but with a twist and not so formal yet its either the colours or the fabric that does the conversation.

      the current collection at tangs is very nice.


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        How much does a dress cost???


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          it depends.... it can cost around $149-$200. but its normally less than $180. and i like the colours and fabrics and designs....


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            yes i bought dress from them before at the raffles city branch. quite tasteful clothes they have in the boutique.

            recently i was trying to find the dress in my so many cupboards, dunno where i stored it...


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              i like the selection of colours and the types of fabrics used in the clothes.