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    IMO as girls go more fashion-savvy, they do shop everywhere for good catch.

    This Fashion (TF) does carry nicer stuff nowadays. More generous in cuts, better material, good variety. I am more comfortable to shop there these days.

    Any converts?
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    Hmm, quite true that their stuffs are abit nicer these days, but i also notice that their prices are also going up and up.. To the extent I'd rather shop at other cheap and unique alternative places like Bugis Village, or anywhere else having sales.

    Despite the improvements, I feel that TF should go through a major revamp in their outlook and presentation of their image. For eg, their current layout in certain big and medium sized shops still have that rather 'cheapo' feel coz everything is still so 'chapalang' and mass-produced feel, the bright flourescent lights & loud head banging techno music! You get the picture. This doesn't really make buyers feel justified to pay higher prices coz of this cheapo image, and passerbys won't even bother to go in. But I do notice some branches are already improving on this aspect, i personally like the suntec branch.

    OT: Not that I'm a snob, but i susbscribe to the whole "shopper's experience" thingy. Nice layout, nice ambience, even better an in-house cafe.
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      hee... techno music!!! now i recall, was treated to Chinese-Techno yesterday.

      for anything above $15, the quality can beat those from HK/Taiwan auctions imo. my nearest outlet is SingPost, was quite shocked with their wide choices, they have tops very similar to GoJane
      in fact many suppliers are quite shaken by TF when it goes on to market better stuff. is like eaten up their $20 to $30 market share.

      besides poor quality, i was not tempted to get from them due to afraid of duplication on the streets. nowadays, with good mix & match, they are ok.


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        i dont really like the decor too.. but i was just thinking if they do revamp, their prices will just increase again cos they would want to cover the costs...

        They have alot of clothes, both good and bad so it's very good if u have alot of time to spend in the shop so that u can slowly browse their clothes rack after rack... There are loads of good buys..


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          Erm, sorry, what's C.o.a.x? Is it a sister brand of TF? :eh:


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            COAX's this "in-house brand" that This Fashion carries. Their clothes can be pretty nice sometimes.. However, when i went to This Fashion recently, i noticed that their prices are increasing.. They've got nice boho tiered skirts that're of better quality, but @ $43!!! I'm not willing to pay this price for something from This Fashion!!! I mean, even Zara's boho skirts are @ $39.90 only!!!

            But other than that, i do like shopping @ This Fashion for basics.. Most of my gfs still shun This Fashion like the plague though.. I can't blame them - the cheesy techno Mandarin songs can be a major turn-off..


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              oh boy, u are one savvy shopper

              :roll: yes, nicer skirts are at least 22bucks. & those around 10 sucks.
              This type of fashion category's market is in fact rather transparent.


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                Haha.. Savvy? More like el cheapo I'm always on the lookout for more bang for my buck! Nowadays, their middle range of skirts cost $22-$29 which look like those you can get @ Bangkok for $10 max. So got to watch what you buy.. Save more $ then can buy even more..


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                  i feel that their clothes are getting nicer! shopping khakis anyone?


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                    Wow, thanks for the info! I'm one of those who shuns TF most of the time (I only patronise those which are in less crowded shopping malls, eg. EastPoint), because of the awful piped music they always play and the image! But yes, I am a closet TF fan and will only pop in to take a look when I'm shopping alone However, I have a gripe about the quality of their clothes - the threads seem to come off easily! I've had to repair two skirts already due to their lousy sewing :roll:


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                      Have to agree that the varieties and quality have improved (so are the prices! higher now!) but IMO, I think it is more worthwhile to get their bottoms..
                      Which branch is good? I like Suntec and the 2 storey one in Bugis.

                      Lol.. the techno songs & lousy SA should go..


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                        i'd pop by This Fashion once in awhile to hunt for good stuffs.

                        there's once i got a long boho skirt for only $12!


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                          i shop at this fashion too! especially the singpost outlet. me and my girl friends can spend like 2 hours shopping there cause they have too much clothes. true enough, the only thing i don't like is the prices keeep increasing and for material wise, there's only a slight improvement IMO. nonetheless, its good shopping for cheap stuff. haha.


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                            Haha, talking about converts, I spent more than 100bucks there a few weeks ago and signed up for their membership I had to stop myself from buying more. They've got pretty good stuffs these days and I think those in the $20-28 range is pretty decent in terms of quality.


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                              Originally posted by karmadearie
                              i shop at this fashion too! especially the singpost outlet.
                              hee... the big number of spacious fitting rooms are

                              i usually hang nearby the area but seldom pop in.

                              Zhu , not convenient for u to get to Eunos huh?

                              Agnes which branch do u recommend?
                              for serious shopping, i only go Chinatown & SingPost .